US Army to end Halliburton deal

Dick's obviously not got the influence he used to...

US Army to end Halliburton deal

Halliburton ensures US soldiers are fed and sheltered
Halliburton's lucrative logistics contract with the US Army is to come to an end, the military has said.
The army said it would seek new bidders for the multi-billion dollar deal to provide support services to US troops around the globe.

Halliburton, once led by US vice president Dick Cheney, has recently come under fire for landing expensive, non-competitive government contracts.

Shares in the group fell more than 1% following the announcement.

Halliburton's KBR unit will be able to submit a bid when the contract is put out to tender later this year, army spokesman Dave Foster said.

However, he could not say how the new contracts would be set out.

New strategy?

Reports have suggested the army may decide to replace its biggest contractor with three firms when the deal ends in September, with a fourth firm signed up to monitor the trio.

According to a report in the Washington Post, the Pentagon has decided it no longer wants to "place all our eggs in one basket".

By splitting the contracts and offering them to three other companies, the army believes it will get better value for money, as well improved accountability and transparency.

Following news that its contract is about to come to an end, KBR said its achievements in the Middle East had been "nothing short of amazing", adding it had prepared almost 375 million meals for troops involved in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

The Pentagon's decision was welcomed by Senator Byron Dorgan of the Democratic Party, who said the move had been a long time coming.

"I believe literally hundreds of millions and probably billions of dollars have been wasted," he told the Senate.

"Finally the taxpayers get a break."

In late afternoon trade in New York, Halliburton's shares stood 83 cents, or 1.10%, lower at $74.75.
Land of the free comes to those with a Platinum Card :eek:
Some ex Pet Ops are employed by KBR in Iraq now....mmmm maybe the "loads of dosh" they said they were going to be on may not seem so forth coming now! :lol:


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ummm.....KBR have the contract to provide Temporary Deployable Accommodation(TDA) for UK Forces. From a recent edition of Pravda:

The hugely popular Temporary Deployable Accommodation (TDA) has now achieved its in-service date (ISD) three months early, on the programme's 20 per cent confidence figure, marking another successful milestone in an unusual programme.

Keeping out the elements - The Temporary Deployable Accommodation deployed at Umm Qasr in Iraq [Picture: MOD]
The early achievement of the ISD was only possible because of the close co-operation of the Battlefield Infrastructure (BFI) IPT and the Engineer Systems Support (ESS) IPT.
TDA was an Equipment Programme (EP) project that was accelerated as an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) to meet the needs of Operation Telic.

The operational tempo required the BFI IPT to procure TDA, then transport it to Iraq and construct it in locations selected by PJHQ. Members of BFI IPT were required to deploy to Iraq to liaise closely with the Royal Engineers Military Works Force and KBR (the contractor).

The TDA was deployed in early 2003 and the last two years have seen BFI IPT and ESS IPT engaged in managing this vital capability.

BFI IPT has regularly received glowing reports of the TDA system, including those who have served on short operational tours. The DPA's Nick Hutchinson, who served on such a tour in Baghdad, reported to BFI IPT:

"I received a number of doom and gloom stories about living in tents before I deployed. However, when we initially got to Umm Qasr the quality of the TDA accommodation was surprising and welcome.

"TDA made a real difference to the morale of my team and I know the troops loved it."

The success of the TDA system has brought pressure on the BFI IPT to bring the capability quickly into general service. To achieve this they've had to organise a cold chamber trial, an updated safety case, revised technical documents and a significant Contracted Logistics Support package. Tony Graham, the BFI team leader, gave Preview a project overview, he said:

"TDA has been a demanding, but highly successful project. Its delivery demonstrates what Smart Acquisition set out to achieve.

"The project was delivered faster (UOR), cheaper (significantly less than EP) and better (significantly exceeded the soldiers' expectations).

"The secret of success for this project was people. Thankfully, BFI IPT was blessed with high quality and experienced people who have continued to be involved with the project.

"DPA Forward recognises the importance of people and this will bring rewards in the future."

The TDA systems are configured to provide 500, 250 or 125-man camps which are easily constructed and able to deal with the most extreme of climatic conditions.

Shelters are well-proved PVC Alaska shelters which can withstand wind, snow and climatic extremes.

TDA provides self-contained soft-skinned camps with utilities including power, environmental control, water, cooking, refrigeration, waste water management, ablutions and dry waste disposal.

Layout separates living accommodation from working accommodation with generators being as far away from living accommodation as possible.

Camps have their own fuel farm, water storage, general stores, gym, NAAFI store, dining shelter, welfare shelter, offices, medical centre and a communications centre.

They are also key stakeholders in several other MAJOR programmes

> Future Carrier - oversight contract
> PJHQ contract for CONDO
> Project Allenby/Connaught as part of the Aspire Defence Consortium

PFI and construction specialists at UK law firm Pinsent Masons have advised Aspire Defence on Project Allenby/Connaught, the 35-year PFI for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for the upgrade of accommodation and the provision of a range of services for the British Army’s garrisons at Aldershot and Salisbury Plain.

The MoD yesterday announced that Aspire Defence had been awarded the £8billion contract, the largest estates PFI project undertaken in the UK to date. The project will provide modern living and working accommodation and facilities for 18,000 military and civilian personnel.

Cor...just imagine if it turned out Gordon Brown was a shareholder......


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Halliburton PR release re Allenby/Connaught here

£8 small change..... :D

Lee Shaver
Given KBR's record in actual reconstruction in Iraq, I bet the service families of Aldershot, Salisbury Plain can't wait! I look forward to seeing fat yank with clipboard, KBR tie, etc touring the PADS.

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