US Army Testing XM-25 Smart Weapon

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Biped

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  2. blue-sophist

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    Clever ...

    Robust? Affordable?

    Whichever, sounds like cool kit

    ... wherever the damned cammo thing is. I put it down here somewhere .... :wink:
  3. How can anyone use the words 'smart' and 'american' in the same sentence? The weapon may be 'Smart' but the fcukwits using it won't be!!!!!
  4. Good God-hope it can be fitted with IFF transponder detector,or can be kept away from anywhere our lot are deployed :( Sounds like a good weapon,but with a disaster option built in,like a hand-held Warthog :slow:
  5. Duh....(drooling in a stupor),,,I don't get it? :D Ouch--another scrape on my knuckles.
  6. That was un-called for. If you are unlucky enough to get wacked in Afghan, it might just be those "fcukwits" dusting you off.

  7. The whole concept is highly flawed. Do they really imagine that a grenade the size of a large marble will be effective, even if it does have a fancy airburst function? Some years ago they demonstrated the prototype to the top brass by bursting balloons - I kid you not.

    Oh, and I understand that the ammo costs something like 20 times the cost of 40mm grenades, so only rich countries need apply.
  8. OK, which arrse covered it in sniper tape and sprayed the bugger up.
  9. Okay I am so sorry, Americans are really clever, the cleverest.

  10. Ah, but you miss the point. Like each new year of running shoes (trainers) brings some new stripes, colors or latest greatest insole, so does the weapons industry do likewise. :D Of course this supposes they don't rediscover the alchemy involved in the "Holy Hand Grenade" from the classic Holy Grail movie (film). In that event we may run afoul of the IAEA with such lethal 20mm projos.
  11. To what "it" are you referring? I see only the "Linky." :lol:
  12. This weapon must've been on at least 3 threads over the last year. It's not new, or gucci. An expensive piece of Shiite
  13. I thought this got binned a long while ago, when they also ditched the snazzed-up G36 copy.

    I see where you're coming from, the round is smaller, but if you're able to put it right on top of someone then I'm willing to bet this allows the round to be smaller. A 25mm round may not have the bang of a 40mm round, but I still wouldn't want it going bang a foot away from my head...

    If you want said 'smart' or programmable rounds in a 40mm flavour (and the capability to still fire cheap dumb 40mm rounds at 1/20th the cost), the weapon system exists:
    But it's more of a GMG type setup rather than a personal weapon.