US Army takes HK416s from special unit

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    The continuing battle over the rifle/carbine for the US Army. :roll:

    BTW: The Asymmetric Warfare Group is described here.:


    Army takes HK416s from special unit

    By Matthew Cox - Staff writer
    Posted : Wednesday Mar 12, 2008 14:37:30 EDT

    The Army has stripped the Asymmetric Warfare Group of its weapon of choice — the Heckler & Koch 416 — saying that its mission requires the unique outfit to carry the standard issue M4 carbine.

    The decision reverses a policy that allowed the AWG to buy 416s instead of carrying M4s when it was established three years ago to help senior Army leaders find new tactics and technologies to make soldiers more lethal in combat.

    Members of the AWG have declined to comment on the issue, but sources in the community told Army Times that the unit fought to keep its several hundred 416s, arguing that they outperform the Army’s M4 and require far less maintenance.

  2. That will teach them for attempting to undermine somebody Senior’s retirement plans.....
  3. I read somewere it is also because there are hardly any spares for it.
  4. Is it just me? Or does "to help senior Army leaders find new tactics and technologies to make soldiers more lethal in combat" seem to be at odds to having a differant weapon from the troops you are finding new tactics for?
  5. We all know they only wanted them so they could stand out and look more ally then the rest of the grunts.

    We would all do the same if we could.
  6. yes, a rifle with a reliable gas system is a good start.

    Trips, I'v seen a few pics of spam squaddies with HK416 uppers on ops, they are private purchases i'm guessing, whats the 'official' word on modding an issue rifle?
  7. All the spams do it. Aftermarket rail accessories are very popular.
  8. yeh, i know they love all the bells and whistles (dont we all?), but a replacement upper receiver is a bit more of a serious mod than sticking a gucci laser on the side.
  9. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    As someone else said here, soldiers especially in combat zones, are allowed to purchase and use many 'after-market' things; however, as you say the HK416 upper would be a bit much. I doubt that any that you saw were privately purchased by the individual soldier. Most likely a unit that was authorized use of that item.
  10. Were they NG (National Guards) troopers??????
  11. not a clue,

    after all, you johnny foreigners all look the same to me. :wink:

    pic here on HK fan site, second down.

    i'll try and find the original pics i saw on some blog when i have more skiving time after lunch.
  12. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    They could be from the 'Asymmetric Warfare Group.' Or from one of the Special Operations units armed with the HK 416.

    The rest of the pictures all look like H&K employees or SWAT team members.
  13. Im pretty sure a replacement upper reciever wouldnt be auhorised but then again, they are easily available stateside and I wouldnt be surprised if a few people did it. The yanks are very lax when it comes to weapon and ammo accounting.
  14. Hmmm, looks a lot like a Sigg 556. The 552 is awesome but we could never get spares for them so when one went tits up (rare) we just binned it! Sacrilage I know.

    Ive not seen the US soldiers with the HK toprail, but they do seem to have every other thing in the Gearzone catalogue hanging off their forerail. Ironically, whenever we've been on the ranges with them they have bee utter gash!

    Red-dot lasers on an M4! Please! Like you can see the best at over 25 meters in the desert. All the gear.....
  15. AWG is (was) issued 416s.
    They operate in field teams far from their support channels. I see no problem with them using a different M4 than the rest of us.
    This is simply silly.
    Many different units have different weapons systems coming into use.
    Last time I let an unnamed Para Battalion borrow some PEQ-2s they lost one in a parachute jump. That's why you Brits don't get fun stuff.