US Army says: Nicer drill sergeants more effective

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Scabster_Mooch, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. I am not sure if this has been done yet, and I apologize if it has been. A quick search suggests no.
    Personally, I think this is a cost cutting exercise and it is primarily about getting the army the numbers it needs. IE Quantity over quality.

    Personally, I think that the 'shock treatment' makes plenty of sense as it firstly helps condition would-be soldiers to operate under pressure and it helps weed out those who cannot or will not operate well under pressure.

    What go you guys think?


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  2. Shouting for shoutings sake doesnt achieve anything. if you start too early in the phase 1 course, by week 6 the recruits get used to it and it becomes less effective. Shock and awe is useful for the first week, since they are on the back foot when they arrive, to keep the recurits easy to manage in what is a very boring admin week. But it is difficult to bollock them for much since you havent actually taught them anything.
    That said, it can be entertaining to watch colleagues "unleash the wirlwind" when something particularly bone/bad happens. Recruits never cease to amaze. shouting, tempered with robust banter is what phase one is all about!
    awaiting some heated replies from instructors old and new............
  3. Whatever works, I guess. Personally, I never saw anything much for the shouting for shouting's sake. Actually, I had to bite myself to stop from laughing during some of the DS's trantrums. (Tantra?) The guys coming out of Basic still seem to be decent enough, and in fairness, there's a much greater emphasis on warfighting in the new (post 2004) Basic than in the old one.

  4. I went in the mid-80's. My platoon's senior Drill dropped us once in basic. He was from the projects, mangled the English language daily but a real professional. He spent hours with us patiently walking us through everything from shining boots to explaining how to succeed when we got to our units. He confided to us at the end of basic that he just wanted to teach soldiering and saw little use in yelling for yelling's sake. Our platoon would've done anything for the man and years later guys in my squad [all the same MOS and went to the same unit on Bragg] still spoke about him with respect.
  5. I enjoyed all the yelling at me it made the training more fun when we had to do alot of pushups or some form of punishment. Others quit or broke down cried then quit which was funny as hell.

    The thing that screwed me up was the instructors doing everything different and getting jacked up for one thing correcting it then have another instructor jack me up for my correction and make me do it the previous way.

    I still have no idea what thoose 2 french instructors were talking about in the gas chamer when they were yelling at me to fix my nose.
  6. It's your training, not ours. Do what you want.
  7. Nicer drill sergeants are more defective.