US Army Revises Land Warfare Doctrine


The Army has revised FM 3-0. It's taking a "new" approach to military operations that is long overdue.
LTG Caldwell said:
It recognizes that military means alone are not sufficient to resolve these conflicts and that landpower, while critical, is only one element of a broader campaign that represents the application of all the elements of national power. Because of this, Army doctrine now gives equal importance to tasks focused on the population — stability or civil support — as it does to offensive and defensive operations. This parity is critical; it recognizes that conflict involves more than combat between armed opponents. While defeating the enemy with offensive and defensive operations, Army forces simultaneously shape the broader situation through stability actions to restore security and normalcy to the local populace. Soldiers operate in and among the people of the world, not adjacent to them or above them. They often face the enemy among noncombatants, with little to distinguish one from the other. Killing or capturing the enemy while in proximity to noncombatants complicates land operations exponentially. Winning battles and engagements is important but alone is not sufficient.
Meanwhile, the Air Force is taking this position:

Ascendant powers — flush with new wealth and hungry for resources and status — are posturing to contest U.S. superiority. These adaptive competitors are translating lessons from recent conflicts into new warfighting concepts, capabilities and doctrines specifically designed to counter U.S. strengths and exploit vulnerabilities. They are advancing in all domains.

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