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Discussion in 'US' started by Indoor_grenade_range, May 8, 2009.

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  1. Met up with a friend from uni the other day and he introduced me an american mate of his. Apparently his friend was in the US Army Rangers for 8 years.

    Ended up chatting and asked about Ranger training and from what he told me, it sounded like a good crack.

    Have looked into it on the internet and apparently they have a number of foreign troops getting on the course.

    Anyone ever heard of Brit Soldiers doing this course? :?
  2. We took them to Otterburn on exercise in the late 80's and we were looking at their kit etc and how light their bergans were, they replied 'travel light fit to fight', after Otterburn they changed that to 'travel light froze by night'!
    Think they were from 2/72 Ranger Bn, couple of blokes on here served with them for a while over in the States.
  3. Isn't it 2 differant courses? As in Ranger School which is a leadership course, and 75th Ranger Regiment which is a bit like SFSG?
  4. Not sure, though when were with the Yanks on a jumps course a lot of them were wearing the Ranger Tab as they'd done the course but weren't serving in a Ranger Bn.
  5. I think the Ranger course is similar to doing a Brecon course
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    There are the occasional exchanges although I have no idea how you get on to it. A friend was to do it whilst on exchange to the US but got injured. Another was on it and was top student - a few years ago now - but he was a little special shall we say.
  7. Sorry, "Travel Light, Freeze at Night" has been used in the US Infantry going back to the 50's And your likely referring to 2/75 Rangers based at Ft. Lewis, Wa.(near Tacoma)

    But hey made an interesting tale...
  8. Yes, there are 2 courses: "Ranger Indoctrination Program" ("RIP") and "Ranger School".

    RIP = 4 weeks of being run ragged; the "barrier test" for initial service with 75th Infantry (Ranger) Regt.. Typically 50% fail. Nearest US Army course to P Coy, the only difference being that nearly all Ranger candidates will have done a basic jumps course prior to this.

    After 6 months to a year of Ranger service, soldiers may apply to do go to Ranger School: an intensive 9 week course focused on small unit operations, leadership, mission planning etc.. Passing this course is a prerequisite for any soldier wishing to become "permanent cadre" in 75th Inf and exercise significant leadership functions. It's a demanding course - no doubt about it; usually 50-75% of candidates fail. The nearest equivalent course in the British Army would be Senior NCOs' cadre at Brecon.

    However, Ranger School is also open to others, incl members of other services, and is seen as good leadership development etc.. So, typically, the course is split 50:50 between serving Rangers and others - eg candidates from combat branches of US Army, plus some USMC, USAF, and even the occasional USN/ SEAL type. Most of these will never serve with 75th Inf, but will return to their units, hopefully having gained useful skills etc that can then be disseminated more widely. It's seen as a very good thing for young officers, esp Infantry branch, to have done Ranger School, & this is why so many Infantry officers will sport the Ranger tab.

    There are, therefore, 2 types of Rangers: "scrolled" Rangers have passed RIP & are serving in 75th Inf; "tabbed" Rangers are military personnel who've passed Ranger School (and therefore may wear the black & gold Ranger Tab), but are not necessarily in the 75th Inf - indeed most never will be, it's simply a hard course passed as a means of professional enhancement.

    Hope this clarifies things?!
  9. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    done both of the courses, they are not difficult 1/75 are a bunch of softies, girly tabs and no weight only good thing about fort lewis was the girls and the site seeing. We done a Bn tab with them our last man was in before there first.
  10. Yawn! :roll:
  11. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

  12. Bullshit.
  13. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    fcuking hats and yanks cant do airborne, they pretend to do it , JFK fucked up special forces, when the then green Berets had 800 men and he said he wanted 5000. they dont have the attitude, best yank troops are seals and delta the rest are arab ie shi te
  14. Pararegtom, Rangers are not SF, and have never claimed to be. Don't play the hats and yanks card with me, you'll end up looking even more of a plank than you already do.
  15. Thats Odd, seeing as it's 2nd Bn, 75th at Lewis and 1st Bn at Hunter Army Airfield Georgia

    3rd Bn at Benning

    Maybe your confused