US Army MC - dubious journal article

I'm from the other side of the pond and have no medical qualifications other than putting a plaster on a small cut, taking my own temp and counting out two aspirin. I did however see an article in the NY Times concerning a US Army surgeon who was congratulated on an article in a British medical journal and was surprised as he had not written it and had nothing to do with it.

I appears that a former colleague had forged his name as a co-author. The article supported use of a new medicine for bone healing in lieu of bone grafting. The doctor who actually wrote the article left the army and wnet into private practice and received significant compensation from the drug company making the drug he was praising in the article.

The article is at New York Times linky

Given that it involved military medicine and a British Journal I thought it might be of interest.
Wow, there's GOT to be some sort of Ethics violation there.

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