US Army Int Analyst leaks 260,000 PM docs - arrested

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by REMFQuestions, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Would psychometric testing have picked this up? 8O

    I thought some of the CI bods would like this.

    Source: Wired

    The discussion now centres on will he be tried with dereliction of duty; espionage; or treason? :?
  2. Burn the geek.

    Whistleblower my arse, did he not read all the stuff they gave him to sign when he received his TS/SCI clearance? I see a long future of making teeny tiny pebbles out of great big rocks at Fort Leavenworth for this young Specialist, quite rightly so.
  3. They ought to have paid more attention to their impex procedures. Clearly, I've never done a technical audit of SIPRNet or JWICS but you would presume that he couldn't just whack a CD-RW in, never mind burn anything he wanted to it?

    Or go randomly wandering around other people's profile space?

    Or not get caught by the legions of yank-crab "information warfare" specialists they are battery farming in Maryland?

    Okay, the last one's a bit far fetched.
  4. no doubt there'll be around 86 charges to answer for, each carrying a maximum of 64 years at Fort Leavenworth, all to be served consecutively...never hear from him again.

    end of.
  5. Wikileaks are now claiming they have never received the alleged 260,000 docs.

    I wonder if the Gov have contacted them to say "post those docs, any of them and just see what the consequences are for anyone in your little whistleblowing charade" :evil:
  6. demoted, disguntled & isolated? bit of vetting aftercare might not have gone amiss.

    and as said above: they clearly have very different impexing procedures to us.
  7. I agree with what you're saying, I wouldn't put it past the US govt to do that.

    On the other hand, I'm not sure about Wikileaks' motivation- is it to spread ALL secrets, or just to expose wrongdoing? If it's just to blow the whistle where necessary, they wouldn't feel the need to post these documents just because they can.
  8. Oh come on, who hasn't burnt off a quarter of a million TS docs and sent them to a dodgy internet site? We were all young once.

    Some people eh? so quick to judge...............
  9. Good post, RQ :)

    I am nearly certain that it’s not unprecedented, I, along with most of the people I work with have this kind of access, as do many hundreds more.

    Could the reason it’s in a JAG officer’s directory be that it was under investigation/review?

    From what little I know about CI, shouldn’t the drives have been disabled, precisely to stop this kind of occurrence?

    I think someone’s been watching too much Sneakers, Hackers and Swordfish. If there was going to be some kind of global diplomatic meltdown, it would have occurred by now. It seems SPC Manning is overestimating his own importance.
  10. But you're normally doing your job(s) ...

    UK rules - yes, or something more complicated than merely disabled but with similar effect. Even just paying extra to have play-only CDs installed rather than CD-R / CD-RW. Or, pre-XP (which has it native - a cut-down version of Roxio, IIRC), simply not installing burning software.

    US rules? Dunno (and probably shouldn't post it here if I did) - it would be sensible but when has that ever been a valid reason for any military to do anything ...
  11. That's debatable. :D
  12. 8O
  13. This is the same government that's so keen on freedom as long as it's in absolute control of everybody's freedom?

    The same government that believes in democracy unless somebody like Hamas wins an election?

    The same government that believes in open government unless it involves publishing the photos taken at Abu Ghraib?

    The same government that instantly sacks a reporter who's been covering the White House since 1960 because she dared to say one true sentence about Israel?

    If the word charade is to be invoked about any of this it's the pretension that ten men died in Afghanistan yesterday to protect governments and countries that aren't already rotten to the core.
  14. Fcuk off, you commie pommie twat.
  15. Have you got any Tanita Tikaram LPs to swap for some Leonard Cohen?