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US Army information film - 'Know your ally - Britain'

Just came across that...its worth a watch.

And another perspective, for those with an interest in 6 June 1944.......contemporary colour footage from a US Army photographer Jack Lieb. Documentary was made in 1969.

( Incidental footage of Robert Capa at 25:12.... Ernest Hemingway at 26:45...Ernie Pyle at 30:58. And early footage of some guy called De Gaulle entering Paris..... @fairmaidofperth - aerial shots of Paris in late 1944 at 35:45 )

Learning point for me....the shots of British troops landing ( often used in documentaries) was taken by an automatic camera,mounted on the Landing Craft so that if the invasion failed, lessons could be learned.

At 7:18 are the two soldiers carrying something between them black?
At 7:18 are the two soldiers carrying something between them black?

Hard to say. They don't appear as pink as the other troops around them, but they could be Caucasians with dark suntans or Native Americans with a swarthy completion, or light skinned Negros. They appear to be humping a roll of telephone line between them so maybe they were commo troops. It's anyone's guess if they survived the landings, I hope they did.

D-DaY Landers.JPG

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