US Army in Iraq 2005


Hi Guys,

I was wondering can anyone recommend any good books about the US in Iraq during 2005 deployment? Of particular interest would be books written by National Guards men.


Try this book.

The Last True Story I’ll Ever Tell: An Accidental Soldier’s Account of the War in Iraq by an Army specialist called John Crawford

IRAQ WAR CULTURE REVIEW. This is not the story of an ‘accidental soldier.’ Crawford, like his fellow soldiers, volunteered for the National Guard and knew the terms of enlistment. The tough-guy ethos of his prose — its ‘I’m fucked, we’re all fucked’ attitude — is avoidance. Crawford never protested, even though he knew the war was wrong. There was no accident here, not even with the third-grader he mowed down.

It might not have happened in '05 but if you are interested in the National Guard, it might provide a good read.


Don`t think there have been yet. But give it time, I`m sure some will come along soon.

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