US Army field 25mm precision Grenade Launcher in Afghan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Yeoman_dai, May 7, 2010.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    looks good. how much does each round weigh?
  2. quote from linky...............


    ok. now how the feck do you pack-in more explosive in a LOT smaller dia???
    it cant all be extra length.
  3. I was always told size doesn't matter ;)

    but they could be using differrent explosives
  4. $25k? versus how much for a javelin?

    No contest in terms of price.
  5. kryptonite or unobtainium based hi-ex?

    I think they are allready filling rounds with the most lethal (and safe) stuff they can.
  6. [quote="DrStealth]
    kryptonite or unobtainium based hi-ex?

    I think they are allready filling rounds with the most lethal (and safe) stuff they can.[/quote]

    If there was ever a contradiction ;)
  7. I initially read that as 'kryptonite or unobtanium based hexi' and thought, 'actually, that's not such a bad idea'
  8. oooh shiney.....but is all that expensive tech squaddie proof?
  9. Smaller fuse wasn't the fuse for the 40mm ammo quite large compared to the payload?
  10. Plus they may be comparing with a 40mm HEDP, which has a copper liner and a large void, both of which cut down on explosive content.
  11. If there was ever a contradiction ;)[/quote]

  12. The septics have never really explained how a grenade the size of a large marble will be more effective than a 40mm. They claim that it has better accuracy than a UGL, but it seems likely that you would have to hit the target almost smack on for it to have any effect. It's just plain old RDX inside and 'ye cannae change the laws of physics'.

    Plus you still have to carry your Individual Weapon as well - I really can't see it being too popular.
  13. Won't be long till it's mounted on vehicles.
  14. Wonder if you can get it on a shotgun licence...

    I'm trying to get my head round one or two of the sentences in the report...

    It seems its big advantage is that it operates by exploding at the required distance along its trajectory. You don't aim at your target (other than for ranging), but just above them. If it's always assumed that the baddies are below the round, then the round could be made to split (i.e. the two warhead comment) and rain its lethality downwards. By doing this, could it be that in one direction it has more nastiness than the 40mm?

    The weight is a bit of an issue, you wouldn't want to carry one of those as well as a rifle - and without a rifle, you'd be the weakest link in a close quarter scuffle - but it could lead to some changes in patrolling. I'm thinking of a two part patrol where the rear part is armed with a few of these things and overwatches the front part of the patrol. Or maybe they'd only be really used as an alternative armament by the top cover... The tactics may take a bit of thinking about, but I reckon it's got a future.