US Army dumps beret as official ACU headgear

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BV_Technician, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. As one who's worn the maroon beret exclusively I'd put forth the argument that you Euros wear yours like Frenchmen.
  2. Why not, Black beret was taken from the US Cavalry & Armor so why not the stetson. Modeled after the British tanker versions of course it was headgear that made sense in a tank. Black so that black greasy hands don't change the appearance and so on.
  3. When will we get rid of it. It looks toss/French. Why did we end up with such shite head dress?
  4. This is the only proper cap to wear when one is in ACU (which currently for the Army seems to be all the time now. :roll: ) Apparently we still have to wear the hated beret (WEE WEE MON SEWER) in our Class A dress though. I would say let the Airborne, Rangers, Green Berets, etc. have the lids of the appropriate colour for wear and give us regular dogfaces back our **** caps and bus driver hats. :rage:

  5. Thank Christ someone at HQDA finally listened to the Joes. Prefer my Field Cap, M1951 (Be it OD Woodland or DCU/ACU) anyday over that hunk of shit beret. And realistically who among the US gives a flying **** how you British wore it. Different army you dont wear yours properly like a Frenchman, so ******* what?
  6. WTF!! Seriously, these were valid reasons? And how bloody small were the pockets they had! In my 13 years of beret wearing, I never once struggled to find a 'to hand' pocket it wouldn't fit into!
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  7. Yours isn't a 10 gallon beret.
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  8. How about:

    Maybe he could find an NSN for Nivea For Men or something, poor thing.
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  9. I did in JLR. Never could shape a beret right those first few months!
  10. Sorry this is a bit of topic but does anyone else think acu looks a bit daft
    No direspect but I heard that half the worlds changing to multicam
  11. To get back on topic I think it's that nassive blue shield looking think that messes some of the US berets up
  12. Not "incapable of fitting it into a pocket". We aren't allowed to put it in the pocket. Technically, at least; people do it anyways.

    Everyone who has to wear it, surely. It's one of the other things that gets bitched about.

    We already use MultiCam in Afghanistan, but it's for in-theatre only. Good news, though, the US Army gave the industry a notice to submit new patterns for consideration in Phase IV of testing for the next pattern we'll wear. The requirements said they're basically looking at a four-pattern family: Forest, Desert, "Transitional", and then a pattern which will be used on kit to match all three. We should hear more in July, and we may have a new uniform to wear as early as 2012.

    Personally, I can't wait. I hate the UCP pattern with a passion.

    Army Camo Phase IV « Soldier Systems
    The US Army Camouflage Plan
  13. Yeah but remember that the spams wear theirs by the acre.