US Army Drill Silent Team (Video)

Thank you very much mucker for the posting! I enjoyed it very much.

Regards and best wishes to you.
Very flashie, majorettes with rifles!

The Queen's Colour Squadron, RAF Regiment do it better, and all their moves are standard moves from the Drill Manual, not made up ones to get prom princesses knickers wet...
Edinburgh Tattoo 2003.

Although their performance was faultless, i found it quite dull. (I did have to watch it about 20 times).

However, i don't think i would ever get bored of these guys -

Top Secret Drum Corps

The amazing thing being that they had not been together long and had only been formed to perform at the Tattoo. The intention was that they would then disband at the conclusion of the Tattoo (30 performances). I think they have been persuaded to carry on.
The best thing about the yank drill teams performance is the narrator. He could make calculus or PMs question time sound exciting or interesting.

Whats his name? Isn#t he an ex Major or Col?

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