US army cuts teeth on video game

Bit old hat now but the US army are apparently using this 'video' game for training purposes US Army FPS.
Personally I fail to see how this FPS game can really be used for training, I play Battlfield and see some excellent displays of shooting and teamwork, but to apply it to real life environments????????Does this mean with some PT and range work we have a whole army of un-used online players for the British Army :D ???
I think Americas Army more of a recruiting tool, the engine is too limited for large areas however several nations (Aussies, USMC) use Op: Flashpoint derivatives for training. The Flashpoint engine handles large areas and long ranges more realistically, particularly the ballistic properties of bullets necessitating adjustments for holdover and windage. I'm told that it handles tank shells more realistically than the Army's simulators (in Telford?), which use a much more random hit/miss calculation.
I dunno, not sure for Infantry level whether its an additional useful tool, something like the DCCT is great for improving recruits marksmanship principles but for section attacks ect ect I'm not sold.
Don't really know enough about Americas Army and its now (BBC alleged), use as a training tool, but hey thats what forums are for, bound to be someone out there that can correct me!

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