US Army Captain's Experiences in Iraq


This is a pdf article and long but is quite good. The US Army took some lessons from British Army operations in NI.
tomahawk6 said:

This is a pdf article and long but is quite good. The US Army took some lessons from British Army operations in NI.
Good piece IMO, tomahawk6, thoughtful, imaginative, and humane. If anyone gave up reading it initially because of the pdf, I recommend another look.
As jonwilly said, "route clearance", "hard targeting" and its interesting to see how this guy adapted those drills to Iraq (Najaf area v Sadr militia I gather). Company-level tactical planning, urban patrolling, search operations, weapon mix, guard rotation, training/fitness/officer and leader development. Also some good stuff on interaction with local population, police, and authorities.

One less technical extract, obvious enough but good to see it written:
The company’s model for urban patrolling was
based on lessons learned by British forces in
Northern Ireland. Some of these tactics, techniques,
procedures (TTPs) and lessons learned included
engaging the population through nonlethal tactics.
We recognized that Iraq is a counterinsurgency war, and
the way to succeed is to influence the population not to
support anti-Iraqi forces.

All Iraqis had been immersed in anti-American
rhetoric/propaganda through Saddam Hussein’s state-run
television and radio for more than 30 years. The best way
to break down that barrier was to show the people that we
were not those wicked people that Saddam Hussein and
other anti-American organizations claimed we were.
Quickly, 75 percent of the population realized that even
though we were different, we were still like them in many
respects and held many of the same basic human values.
Because of this, the Iraqi population and the coalition soldiers
held a mutual respect for one another. It is important
for your soldiers to have a healthy respect for the population,
their religion, culture and customs if you are going to
be successful in Iraq. If you become arrogant, pompous
and disrespectful to the locals, you will only empower the
The 2d Brigade, 25 Infantry Div [the unit the author was part of] operated in the Kirku AO [Al Tamin and Al Sulayminiah provinces].

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