US Army Brass in Iraq - getting GIs killed safel

Some good safety tips there:

"If you find yourself in a car with a toggle switch taped to the steering wheel, don’t push it. (An Iraqi informant, trying to prove his worth to the Americans, stole a prepared car bomb. While driving the CB to the American post, the driver apparently flipped the toggle switch taped to the steering wheel and detonated the bomb…)"

They also say that if you're manning a checkpoint, and an unknown armored combat vehicle approaches, don't fire on it with your 5.56 mm, lest the occupants prove to have no sense of humor. It's explained that the vehicle's onboard weapons are capable of reducing you to "air pollution."
I have to admit that there are some pretty **** mid level officers who are afraid to make a decision for fear of making a bad one. The Lt's comments I thought were funny. People do make mistakes. I know during Vietnam there were alot of mistakes. One that was taught in first aid class pertaining to splinting in the field. It was common to splint with the M-16 but the weapon should be muzzle down with the weapon empty/cleared. Sadly there were cases of men splinted muzzle up and the weapon discharged.


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A unique person. An American Lt with

a. a sense of humour
b. common sense

His future will be one of two things:

a. He will go right to the top of the army v quickly
b. He will be sacked v soon

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