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US Army Babe in Iraq dancing in her lingerie

sandmanfez said:
tigerbaby said:
jason_2000x said:
ha ha ha she sent her 'hubby' a video and he put it on the net... ha ha ha

hubby???!!! she looks about 12 ffs!! Pretty girl but am I the only one who noticed the goldfish mouth ruining her attempt?

Meow, saucer of milk for the smurf! I don't see the problem, she sends her husband a little home movie to keep him focused, and stop him banging the garrison whooers. Smart girl, with a cracking ar$e.

and VD
engee said:
Absolute fecking disgrace!!
Bedspace was in rag order - kit explosion all over the place!
My eyes were drawn to other aspects on the video :hump:


I`ll have to take your word for it, as my PC won`t play the video for some reason, GUTTED!!!!!!!!!
Well done soldier!! I thought she was going to shift her knickers to one side when she mounted the bed... never mind...
suits_U said:
It could have been better, with a little growler action.
Why oh why do we not have laydeez such as this in HMAF. ?
Her Maj's Austrailian Forces?
Very nice but,,,,, one sniff of CS95 or the yank equivelent & her arse will instantly grow to the size of a number 10 bus !!!!! Still do it tho either way !!

And that's the result of her correspondence course while she's been on tour?


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