US Army abandons the green and white service uniforms.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by California_Tanker, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. This one was seen coming as a serious possibility for some time. They will need to make an 'undress' uniform though, as I spend a lot of time in Class Bs, and I'm not sure that white shirt, yellow suspenders and blue trousers would really look professional.

    WASHINGTON (Army News Service) -- Army service uniforms will be streamlined to one blue Army Service Uniform, the Army announced today.

    "World-class Soldiers deserve a simplified, quality uniform. The blue Army Service Uniform is a traditional uniform that is consistent with the Army's most honored traditions," said Sgt. Maj. Of the Army Kenneth O. Preston.

    "We have all of these variations of uniforms ? green, blue and white," said Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker. "It makes sense for us to go to one traditional uniform that is really sharp and high quality and which Soldiers will be very proud to wear. And that's what we've done by adopting this blue Army Service Uniform that reflects simplicity, quality, utility and tradition."

    Many Soldiers already own an Army blue uniform (now to be called the Army Service Uniform) and may continue to wear it. Improvements will be made to the fabric and fit. Reduction of the number of uniforms will reduce the burden on Soldiers for purchases and alteration cost.

    Introduction in the Army Military Clothing Sales Stores should begin in fourth quarter of fiscal year 2007. Introduction in the Clothing Bag should begin first quarter 2009. The Mandatory Possession Date is expected to be fourth quarter fiscal year 2011.

    A wear-out date for the Army Green Class A and White dress uniforms will be determined at a later date.

    The consolidation of Army service uniforms is part of a streamlining process. In 2004, the Army reduced the number of battle dress uniforms from three to one when it adopted the Army Combat Uniform in place of the Woodland Green Battle Dress Uniform (winter and summer versions) and the Desert Combat Uniform. That uniform consolidation has been a resounding success in terms of soldier acceptance and reducing the variety of combat uniforms with which they must deal.

    Army Blue as a uniform color traces its origins back to the National Blue and was first worn by Soldiers in the Continental Army of 1779.

    Besides tradition, the Army Service Uniform reflects utility, simplicity and quality.

    · In utility, the blue Army Service Uniform provides a basic set of components that allow Soldiers to dress from the lowest end to the highest end of service uniforms with little variation required.

    · In simplicity, the blue Army Service Uniform eliminates the need for numerous sets of green Class A uniforms, service blue uniforms and, for some, Army white mess uniforms (and tunics, for women). Streamlining various service uniforms into one Army Service Uniform reduces the burden on Soldiers in the same manner that the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) did for the field utility uniform.

    · In quality, the blue Army Service Uniform is made of a durable material that is suitable for daily use without special care.


  2. No more green Ralph Cramden bus driver uniforms? About damn time, they are the ugliest damn dress uniforms in existence. The B's look fine if you're in an airborne unit w/the beret and jump boots, less so if you're in a leg unit especially with the old sail cap. It'll cost a lot but at least everyone will finally look decent in a dress uniform.
  3. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I have never liked the Army's dress green uniform!

    I do hope that the changes needed to the blue dress uniforms are very moderate and needed, such as the belt for the trousers, etc. I am also wondering if they will allow unit shoulder patches and tabs on this uniform. Right now, shoulder patches and tabs are not authorized on dress blues. The larger metal tabs are worn on the pocket flap and full size metals are worn as well. No boots bloused either or berets. The only hat right now authorized for the Blue uniform is the Blue "Flying Saucer".

    I also hope that they leave the mess dress uniforms alone too! There are a Blue and White mess dress uniform authorized at this time and no mention of the mess dress uniforms white or blue were made in the announcment. (Only the White service uniform.) The White mess dress is worn from May to October and year around in specified climates.
  4. Ive always thought the beret has no place with a dress uniform, the jump boots even less. Its about time the Army got to a professional looking uniform all soldiers can be proud to wear. As for patches and badges the USMC has it right and Ill leave my skill identifiers in my 201 file thanks very much.
  5. This would seem to indicate that some sort of coverall would be in order. :D
  6. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I'll bet your not a Paratrooper, Ranger or Special Forces soldier. As I recall the Marines who have them wear Parachute wings, SCUBA badges, Aviation wings and lots of marksmamen ship badges.
  7. I dont need to send you my resume, but I am a more QUIET professional than some.

    Im decidedly not a ranger though, Rogers was a Tory and died in England penniless.

    Some Marines hold the EGA as the only skill badge they need and are bound by regulation to wear others.
  8. And what skill would that be?
  9. The ability to fire three shots a minute in any weather.
  10. Funny, I don't recall that being in the curriculum at MCRD San Diego back in the fall of 1981.
  11. Hmmmm, are you using the quiet dignity approach to loudly proclaim to all and sundry that youre a former Marine?

    I didnt find it at MCRD Parris Island in 1991 either( where real Marines are made ).Its a quote from Sharpe's Eagle , which is a cracking good yarn
  12. I suppose I am.

    I thought that sounded familiar. It was just on BBC America last Saturday night.

    So, have we any particular skill covered by the old EGA?
  13. My implication was, not original thought of course, that all Marines are Elite and the wearing of the Eagle Globe and Anchor is "a symbol of excellence, a badge of courage, a mark of distinction" . Did they teach something different in San Diego? :cry:
  14. They pretty much taught the same attitude in San Diego. After four years in the Crotch and another three in the Army I discovered that the USMC isn't particularly unique in soldierly circles, they just like to act like they are. The USMC is niether more nor less than the US Army or most other Western Armies.
  15. Interesting consolidation of the dress uniforms.. i wonder the New Blues will be suitable to wear on the very hot days when the "white" dress or tropical dress i am assuming was previously intended? And no berets, so every one will have to travel with big hat when intending to wear the dress blues? Looks smarter than the forage caps in my opinion