US Anthrax suspect is found dead

Interesting one - perhaps one of our stateside posters will care to comment. Smells a bit though, in a tinfoil hat way.

A top US scientist suspected of anthrax attacks in 2001 has died from an apparent suicide just as he was about to be charged, a newspaper reported.

The Los Angeles Times says government scientist Bruce Ivins was found dead after an overdose of painkillers.

The paper said that he had recently been told of the impending prosecution.

Five people died when anthrax was posted to media organisations and politicians in the US shortly after the 11 September attacks in 2001.
Source: BBC Webpage: Anthrax 'suspect' is found dead
We'll now never know whether somebody was whipping up fear across America; support for the Patriot Act; support for an illegal invasion or generally sympathy, votes and stoking somebody's obscenely high approval rating.

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