US Animal Rights Activist Says UK is a Police State

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Aug 31, 2005.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Can't read that mate. Can you check your link?
  4. When is he going to ban the nutter Pat Robertson?
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Sorry C-F but the lonk works fine at this end.

    As for Pat Robertson, he probably won't travel outside of the US because we're all bunch of commie pinko liberals etc... - thus the ban isn't necessary.
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Sorry C-F but the link works fine at this end.

    As for Pat Robertson, he probably won't travel outside of the US because we're all bunch of commie pinko liberals etc... - thus the ban isn't necessary.
  7. Link OK here, too.

    Naff article though, and it's from the Guardian ... gosh!.
  8. ELF and ALF are terror organizations that need to be pursued and eliminated by all means available. What chaps my hide is the fecker isn't behind bars here in the US, thereby eliminating the need of the UK to ban his entry.

    As for Pat Robertson, he is a has been. His statements were over the top but not on par with a terroristic utterance. Why the media is inclined to chastise Pat for statements but allows Cindy Sheehan to make statements that are moronic and not based in fact and not provide the same coverage/chastising is proof to me of the bias that the mainstream media has. The mainstream media has moved from reporting events to fabricating, and proping up events that further their leftist agenda.
  9. I assume Professor Best is not either Islamic or non-Caucasian? Otherwise he would no doubt be fast-tracked through Heathrow, given a police escort and a fiver out the poor box!

    The truth is that we are increasingly being ruled by ministerial decree rather than by law. However the Professor is as welcome in this country as active genital herpes and probably a lot less interesting to observe. As for his fellow-travellers in the ALF I think I could bear with a suspension of the rule of law, just long enough to execute every man Jack, or in these PC times Jill, of them. Anyone who puts the "rights" of beasts above the welfare of their own species is suffering from a severe lack of rationality. As they have chosen terrorism as a vocation, then let them play by "big boys rules".
  10. Cheers fingerz, it works now for some reason!!!!
  11. Animal Liberation Front members are all cnuts of the highest order as far as I’m concerned.
    That band of tosser spent about 6 months terrorising my brother and there reason was very weak at best.

    My brother is a MD in a large multination insurance company that has shares in medical research companies that test their drugs on animals.
    Based on this they decided to spend about 6 months sending my brother hate mail (sometimes with razorblades included), driving past his house while proclaiming him an animal murderer and a paedophile from a megaphone, giving him abusive phone calls, and sending similar styled letters and phone call to his neighbours about him.

    The ALF must have got board and gave up in the, end as they stopped harassing him as suddenly as they started.

    What a bunch of tossers…
  12. "Doctor" Steven Best speaks:

    "We are not terrorists, but we are a threat. We are a threat both economically and philosophically. Our power is not in the right to vote but the power to stop production. We will break the law and destroy property until we win."

    Obviously an asset to any country he winds up in.

    I read that standards of animal husbandry in China don't meet western norms. Maybe he could go over there and straighten them out.
  13. Just how do you manage to be so fair and balanced in your posts? It remains a mystery to me!


    BTW, has-been is high-fer-nated.
  14. If this is the case, how come he was up front and centre in last year's presidential race, leading the charge 'against the gays a marryin' ' and when the Terri Schiavo balls-up happened, he was all over Fox News like a fat kid on a cup-cake? This is the tw@t that went on his show and proclaimed that 9/11 was God's revenge for the secularization of society and the tolerance of homosexuality. Us 'liberals' have known he was a froot-loop for years, but only now have the conservatives finally caught on to the fact that he's as mad as a box of frogs.
  15. I don't asume or purport to be reporting the news so "journalistic standards" don't apply to me I have an opinion, not unlike Cindy or Pat.

    The fact that the media trots him out to get moronic statements on "right-wing thoughts" does not mean he speaks for anyone but himself. He is a has-been, he has no role or standing in the political arena other then for media events to have a "Republican" viewpoint, when in fact it is his view and held only by a few in the party. The reason he was up front is because he is a polarizing figure that gets the Democratic base in a lather, since the media leans left it advances their cause. The conservatives have known this for sometime, and explains why he never won a primary or general election to any office even dog catcher.