US and UK wearing Multicam in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by beaty1961, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. (Yes I know there are a couple of Multicam threads - but this is specifically to discuss the topic of US and British troops working together and wearing the same camo.)

    The very excellent 'Firearms Blog' posted up an interesting tidbit about the US Department of Defence announcement that the US Army will be adopting MULTICAM for it's soldiers in Afghanistan...

    "LTC Cummings of the Army Public Affairs Office has confirmed that the Secretary of the Army, the Honorable John McHugh approved a plan today to begin the fielding of MultiCam uniforms and individual equipment as soon as possible"

    With the British Army adopting MTP (aka Multicam remnants!) does this mean there will finally some tangable proof of convergence between the US and UK armed forces? (>Lites blue touch paper<)

    Seriously, I wonder how people feel about the *possibility* of UK and US troops serving together wearing the same camo?

    I find this interesting - as when MTP was launched the MoD spokesperson said that MTP was adopted - in part - to establish a distinctive 'corporate identity' for the British Army. So where does that leave us now?
  2. Hey the yanks might not shoot at us so much!! :p
  3. LMAO - that was exactly my thought!

    What's the betting that when the Brit MTP arrives it has special recognition emblems attached to the back...

  4. Wasnt it developed for the yanks in the first place and they dismissed it and went with the grey digital. I say tell them to F off they had their opportunity to snatch it up. :p
  5. Yep - and I think everyone thought they made the dumb choice. What clown thought 'I SEE YOU' was a good idea?

    --- It makes you wonder what the press will make of this, what with people winging that the Brits are 'just America's poodle' won't they jump on this to say 'see, we are even wearing the same uniform now'?

    ........Mind you, on the subject of wearing the same camo stopping 'friendly fire' maybe they should start giving it out to Afghan civilians! :eek:
  6. It isn't the same camo
  7. I know that the MoD says that MTP will be a modified variation of Multicam - and I don't want to open up a can of worms that has been done over in another thread - BUT they look decidedly similar to me!

    That aside - and to keep on subject - I wonder if, when they guys work side by side, just how similar they will look?

    And more importantly will MTP be close enough to teh parent Multicam to make mix and match an option? (Bearing in mind just how much Multicam kit is available commercially.)
  8. Their old woodland pattern was very similar to our DPM, it doesn't really make **** all difference. Get a grip you sad cnut
  9. Yes, friendly fire, will the MoD be giving it to the Danes so your boys don't launch Javelins into them? Amazing how you never want to bring your blue on blue up, eh?

    Then again, invest in aircraft that can perform CAS and you wouldn't have to worry, but you didn't ,so you have to beg CAS from us and the French and Italians. :twisted:
  10. GB- good comeback!
  11. Friendly fire on Danes, French and Italians...?

    One would have supposed that the statistical chances of this - i.e. these nations actually *wanting* to be in a real shooting war - are so low as to make the chances of blue on blue on them absolutely negelagable!
  12. Yes - I can see where you are coming from with that reply. The depth of the intellectual consideration, combined with the irony and wit that is almost Wilde-like. The grasp of retoric, positively Platoesque in it's seering grasp of the essential argument...

    I bow to thee oh acrobat of lingusitic polemic. For thy oratory adroitness blinds me in it's shining finesse...

  13. Both were wearing Olive drab uniforms in the early 60s before DPM came in, '60 pattern according to ARRSEpedia...
  14. As long as it's free, I'll continue to wear whatever colour is fashionable this week. We started wearing FAD last week, which strikes me as remarkably similar to 'old' barrack dress :) (albeit a different colour)
  15. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    One thing is certain ... you'll be able to distinguish between a British beret and an American one! :)