US and allies vs Iran

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by tehori, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Outside of the Kingdom of Tonga, who is going to be the US allies if you go into
    Iran ?
    Nope not the Brits, nor the Aussies, that septic hero Howard is gone, as is Blair.
    Israel, some doubt there, they got a bit of a
    spanking in Lebanon.
    But no doubt the Israelis would be happy to
    cheer on Christian soldiers.
    Just how many fourteen year olds does Iran
    have that are happy to carry a closer to
    Allah backpack ?
  2. Thanks for that.................. :?
  3. Obama will work things out... because he'll talk to them. Outrageous.
  4. Yet another valuable and intellectual contribution. Thank you tehori. :roll:
  5. The yanks are going to use KISS to rock them to death!
  6. Libya's Gaddafi (Gadhaffey/Guadafai/Khadafy/Llewellyn/Quaddaffii ?? :? ?? ) Warns Iran of Military Humiliation.'s%20Gadhafi%20Warns
  7. If the yanks are F.Off serious, they wont need help. Not saying that I agree mind. It is just a fact that the USA has access to weapons that would pound Iran if the USA decides to use them.
  8. Surely the US isn't that stupid?
  9. Damned if I know. The thing is though that it is not about the stupidity of the USA, just the CIC.
  10. Let's Rock that Casbah! (and yes, I know that was the clash)