US Airstrikes on Iran is imminent.

Of course Iran will be hit soon: the Republican Party Convention is taking place! :twisted:
Not_Whistlin_Dixie said:
De Telegraaf says this hot tip comes from "well-placed sources" so I guess it must be true then.
Debka briefing already?
Wouldn't you want your ultra-secret agent there if things got hot?
Amsterdam seems to have replaced Vienna as the hub of all good spy gossip and rumour.

Only a couple of months back, the BBC was publishing texts about Dutch Mil Int guys being pulled out of Bosnia for their safety after they were threatened for getting too close to Karadzic. Good story, except Karadzic wasn't in Bosnia, he was in Belgrade playing the part of a faith healer!

Still, there's always plenty of gullible out there willing to believe it.

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