US Air Force cyber-wings

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stapd, May 4, 2010.

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  1. It was a toss-up whether to post this here or in CA, but its just too tempting, so I guess Naafi bar is more appropriate given the likely responses.

    TheRegister - USAF Cyber-Wings


    Part of me finds this sad and nerdy, whereas another thinks - fine, it just means their's a career course/qual for information security/cyber warfare.

    The only trouble is... I just can't get the whole 'cyber-wings' description out of my head, and wonder just how many on ARRSE haven't yet received their cyber-wings :D

  2. What is that like a virtual fcuk? How does that work?
  3. Or is it for shagging a munter picked up from some dodgy internet dating site?
  4. I guess there could be a number of definitions of it.

    Not sure if the below counts or not...

    Game girl Rez Controller

    perhaps some of those who inhabit the ARRSE Chat might know more?

    Edit to add : apparently there's a word for it 'tele-dildonics' 8O
  5. They have to issue them something. The sort of chap that job attracts is unlikely to earn any other kind of wings - with a living woman at any rate.
  6. Just move the main base from Texas to Nevada. Legal prostitution. Problem sorted.
  7. Good idea, they'll be able to collect their brown wings at the same time.
  8. Will they also get a medal? The Spam's seem very keen on medals.
  9. Considering it's quite easy to knock one out to a man online without realising it is a man before it's too late (like fuck I'm finishing once I've started) may I have my cyberwings?
  10. Do I need to post evidence of me smashing one out over youporn to get one of these?
  11. My wife's in the US Coastguard, they get medals for attending and passing courses. Then again she is an occifer.

    When I go the their dinner & dances I take great pleasure in asking the people with the Purple Heart is they got it for being stupid enough to get their arse shot or was it for getting a splinter in a war zone.

    I know how to make myself popular.
  12. Is it just me? Does anyone know how they get them in cereal boxes??
  13. How long before the British Army will unveil the "Bingo Wings?" :twisted:
  14. Very Star Trekkish
  15. I seem to recall there was a thread not too long ago trying to classify the various xxx-wings one could get, and getting your bingo wings wasn't one of the more sort-after awards.

    Sadly I no longer go to Amsterdam fortnightly, so the Dutch wings are out for the time being, which is a pity as if I'd been prepared to play away from home I could have had them with clusters by now, and all without paying (I'd say if you had to pay for it you'd only be able to wear staybrite).

    anyway, ramble ramble ramble, nurse!