US Afghan envoy rejects more troops

US Afghan envoy rejects more troops
Nov 12 2009
The US envoy in Afghanistan has objected strongly to emerging plans to send tens of thousands of additional forces to the country, a senior American official has revealed.
Ambassador Karl Eikenberry, who quit as an army general take the job as US ambassador in Kabul earlier this year, is an influential voice among those advising President Barack Obama on Afghanistan.
He has sent multiple classified messages to Washington over the past week that question the wisdom of adding forces when the Afghan political situation is unstable and uncertain, the official said.
Mr Eikenberry made the point that the administration should step cautiously in planning any further troop deployments while there are still so many questions surrounding Afghan President Hamid Karzai.
While Eikenberry might have valid points it's needs to be pointed out that

1. the Taliban became resurgent under his watch and

2. McChrystal replaced Eikenberry's successor [and friend] McKiernan (who was sacked in favor of McCh). McCh is a special ops guy and came up--to a certain extent--outside of the conventional Army's system unlike Eikenberry and McKiernan.

There's certainly a larger issue if a former CDR (and now Ambassador) isn't playing well with the current CDR.

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