US admits Iraq propaganda drive

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. Oh that is confusing , because..........

    Damn straight you're aware of this Von Rumsfeld , because....
  2. Whatever next - newspapers paying disgraced ex-ministers to write favourable stories?
  3. Especially confusing since grey propaganda is classified as covert action and, as such, is covered under the Intelligence Oversight Act (1980) which requires that POTUS personally sign a 'finding' that states such action is necessary and authorises it. Furthermore, unless POTUS issues another finding specifically issuing orders to the contrary, Congress has to be informed at least 48 hours before the action is to take place.

    Therefore, by definition, the White House is either lying about not knowing (the most likely scenario), or the DoD is breaking the same law that brought about the Iran-Contra scandal. This might get interesting.
  4. There's 2 things about this story that surprise me:

    1) Anybody should be the slightest bit surprised that it's going on, and,
    2) It's taken so long for a 'respectable' paper in the US to actually run the 'story'.

    I'm waiting for Neo_Com to jump in now with some drivvel he's found on a blogging site which discredits the LA Times and the 'traditional media' general.
  5. From the LA Times

    Well what's an alleged fraudster going to do to get back in favour with the Americans? Your connections in Iran are only going to take you so far!
  6. Or just pass it on to the British - who have no such laws. :twisted:
  7. NB. My original post edited with the correct name of the act.

  8. Is the plan (allegedly) to lie and decieve to such an incredible extent , that eventually the poulation just shrugs it's shoulders and accepts it as the norm?

    It is not the bloody norm , far from it, but we're all of us being cowed into a state of meek apathy.
  9. Are you talking about Bush, Bliar or both, PTP?
  10. May I suggest that you write an angry but non threatening letter to your MP? :twisted:
  11. I think you can take your pick, VB.
  12. The spokesman said that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld was "aware of the issue...."

    That's nice.

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Pentagon has established a new Office of Strategic Influence to market America's war on terrorism outside the United States, a Defense Department official said Tuesday.

    The office will set up policies for information operations and warfare that will then be carried out by military specialists to "influence the hearts and minds of the opposition," the official said, adding that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has yet to approve any plans for new information operations.

    The office was quietly set up after September 11 as part of the Bush administration's overall effort to reach Islamic populations around the world.

    New Pentagon office to spearhead information war
    February 20, 2002 Posted: 4:55 AM EST (0955 GMT)

    The OSI would have been a center for the creation of propaganda materials, for the stated purpose of misleading enemy forces or foreign civilian populations. After information on the office spread through US and foreign media in mid February 2002, intense discussions on purpose and scope of the office were reported. The discussions culminated in a public statement by Rumsfeld in late February that the office has been closed down.

    Some argue that due to its secretive nature and stated purposes the existence of such an agency would be hard to determine. In fact, in November 2002, Rumsfeld stated in an interview that only the name of the office was abolished, that it still exists and continues to fulfill its original intended purposes. Much of the OSI's responsibilities were shifted to the Information Operations Task Force.

    "Office of Strategic Influence"
  13. It seems then, that from a legal standpoint everything was above board. However, the American people are generally skittish about covert action in general and there is also the risk (or intention IMHO) of blowback- which would be illegal.

    However, it would seem that Scott MacLellan has been shown to be a bumbling muppet once more. Can't be long before he'll be exploring other career opportunities.
  14. Or just tell him to read this thread? :D