US accuses Iran over Iraq bombs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Feb 11, 2007.

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    A gathering pace or is my tinfoil hat slipping?
  2. Same story as the one you posted, but Reuters version (my highlighting).

    Maybe it's the aloominum content of my tin hat, but here's a couple of questions:

    1) Why does the official need to remain anonymous if this is an official briefing by Coalition forces on Iran's alleged involvement?

    2) Why is it that Iran is now considered to be so technologically advanced that only they could possibly have produced these munitions?

    I'm sorry, but not so long ago, Iraq was considered the more advanced and Iran was just the poor backward neighbour. Suddenly, they are a technologically advanced society that seem to be meddling everywhere. Does it have something to do with UK and US public getting a bit fed up with recent 'magnificent' military victories being against 4th rate opposition, perhaps? Or, maybe, we just have to make people believe they are technologically advanced in order to justify an attack on a civilian nuclear facility a couple of decades before it becomes a real threat!
  4. What about Armalites turning up in Northern Ireland ? What conclusions are "obvious" from that fact ?

    I was an Iraqi insurgent the obvious place to go to buy some under the counter ammo would be Iran - it's next door and they're generally sympathetic. And as for manufacturing EFPs, with a decent set of plans any halfway competent machine shop can turn them out.

    However, I'd be very surprised if some part of the Iranian state wasn't involved - turning a blind eye to exports, arranging bargain prices, some bloke pops across with a few blueprints under his arm ... but nothing obvious, always deniable.
  5. There have been enough posters who served in that particular sandpit who agree with the Sceptics.
  6. I was reading on another forum several pieces written by a private "security contractor", who said that the mortars they were getting chucked at them appeared to be of new Iranian manufacture, such facts being relatively uncontroversial in his line of work.
  7. Weren't the Yanks showing off RPG heads with serial numbers of ammunition supplied to Iran?
  8. 1. I'd keep that quiet!

    2. Manufacturing EFP's isn't as simple as you'd imagine and getting the liner density and contouring, explosive fill density and explosive quality right is quite difficult. I speak from Trials experience incidentally. Hence the reason for suspected interference from neighbours.
  9. Whoops, left out an "If" I fear ... and if they're not working off plans hand delivered by a "friend" who was also a mine of information on production engineering issues I'll eat my hat.
  10. I agree - we seem to be getting a bit further away from IED and a bit more upmarket. The neighbours will be skilled metallurgists no doubts.
  11. Iran's been doing the same thing with us for years now - every time a bomb goes off the British get the blame.
  12. What they conveniently forget to mention is that the vast majority (some 70%) of the IEDs are planted by Sunnis, who are hardly likely to go to the (Shi'ite) Iranians for their gear.

  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The main thrust of the argument is that the EFP's and other IEDS are rapidly getting exceedingly clever. Far too clever for an unsupported insurgent force. I'm inclined to agree.

    The Irish didn't get smart for about 20 years. As for the post about the IRA getting M16's; they were supported both financially and 'militarily' by Irish Republicans in the USA who also supplied them with Barret .50's.
  14. That's my point - the presence of US weapons in Ireland did not mean that the US government was responsible for putting them there.