US abuses prisoners!

shades or rather nightmares of the Canadian Airborne in Somalia.. anyone remember Shedane Arou ?

incident cost the Canadian government $ 10,000 in camels as reparations and the disbandonment of the Regiment as a punishment...

doubt much will happen US wise except for some dismissals and demotions...

big oops..

hearts and minds - when will they learn?
disgusting and all should be punished to the fullest extent :!:
The really ironic part is that this alleged abuse took place at the Abu Ghraib jail in Baghdad. For those who don't know, this is where Saddam's opponents were tortured, and it gained such a reputation that it's existence was used as justification for invading.

And the Americans still don't understand why the locals want them to leave ...
Possibly the worst thing that could happen.

Why don't we just start wearing bright pink 'I hate Islam underpants' outside our combats too.

I know an entire nation can't be held accountable for the actions of so few but this is just taking the piss.

Theres no WMDs so the justification was freedom from tyranny and torture.......... only to be tortured by the liberaters.

I agree. This sort of thing makes us look bad as well. Does any one else remember similar allegations levelled at us brits last year though when PoWs were shown with sandbags on the heads, hands tied? Although to someone 'in the know' there is considerable difference between what we did back then and what the yanks are being accused of now, any time in future PoWs are shown with hoods on it will be brought back to this nasty and unpleasant incident. The public perception of the military's handling of prisoners has been ruined.
pretty shocking stuff, like you say - when wil they learn? in the paperone of the accused was saying he had no rules, guidelines etc - what is he? a f***ing retard? trained MP and doesn't know the rules....Red Neck?!

It leaves me neally speachless that this has happened. I hope they are taken to courts martial and have the book slung at them as an example. Its a bloody disgrace. Whether these prisoners are murderers, terrorists or not, those in charge of the prisoners had a duty to their care. Even the most basic level of decency would have prevented this, which leads me to believe that those responsible have no decency and were fully aware of what they were doing. Blaiming it on lack of training? What a complete load of cack.
All well said.

A disgrace...and inexcusable. Training, rules, guidelines....any form of 'excuse' does not excuse a proper sense of human decency which is what we are supposed to have liberated these people to acheive. And then these idiots do this.

I hope these 'soldiers' are happy when more of their countrymen die because of the hundreds of Iraqis they've just convinced to attack the Allies.
MM wrote

[/quote]they really should be ashamed to call themselves soldiers
Well, the thing is, not all of them are soldiers. According to the dit in the paper, some of them are civvy "contractors".
I enjoyed this twat's lawyer moaning that he "hadn't been given an opportunity to read the Geneva Conventions". What, am I meant to believe he didn't know it was wrong to sit on a POW's head w*nking? He thought if he looked it up there'd be a clause to the effect that "Without prejudice to the other privileges of POW status, guards may sit on prisoners' heads and w*nk"? The chap's obviously an ignorant thug and gay with it.
And it is all desperately counter-productive. One of the reports mentioned a youth in his mid-teens who was, allegedly, raped by a US civvy interrogator, who no -one can charge because he does not come under US military law. If true, whats the betting that upon release, the first thing this kid does is get his mitts on an AK, and take the good news to the poor bastards out patrolling the streets? or any other Spam who crosses his tracks?
I think there are a few people over there who think "Deliverance" was a tranining video. :roll:
I find it incredible to believe that these guys and girls had no Geneva Convention training!

Even as TA its one of our basic ITD's, ive forgot how many times ive watched that bloody outdated video!

what idiots.


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