us abuse goes to the top.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by quiller, May 11, 2004.

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  1. found this on the views of a us mil intel snco. very interesting indeed.

    Prison Abuse: An MI Officer Sounds Off


    The abuse and humiliation actually took place at 3 prisons in the Baghdad area. This was not done by accident, it was a planned, systematic way to break down the prisoners will to resist any interrogation, degrade them and then blackmail them into working for US Intelligence.

    The pictures were taken as a way to intimidate the prisoner and then keep them working as low level collectors (if they did not the pictures would have been released to their family and tribes) Videos were also made as a way to record the "success" to be used as a teaching tool at Fort Huachuca (to train future interrogators). The MPs and Interrogators were told the Geneva Convention did not apply to Iraq Soldiers and Civilian Detainees. The methods the MPs used were actually taught to the MPs by military intelligence professionals and civilian contractors. This was a sanctioned operation and the methods were known to be used by Generals in the chain of command. Women MPs were sought out to further humiliate the Iraqi prisoners. The female MPs who accepted the jobs, conducted degrading acts upon the Iraq men, because such acts by women on men in the Arab culture are so humiliating, it was thought that the men would then talk just to stop the abuse by the female MPs. This abuse was done in stages and the less cooperative Iraqis were given the more degrading abuse to condition them to interrogation. The Major General (Barbara Fast) in charge of the MI personnel in Baghdad sanctioned this treatment.

    Hack, if they are going to hang privates and NCOs for meting out this abuse, they better go after the Generals and Colonels who sanctioned and approved these methods be use. This is a not an isolated cace of abuse my a few soldiers, this was a planned campaign well know by the entire chain of command. There is also evidence that people in the Pentagon also knew and approved of these methods many months prior to the pictures being relased and only told the President when the pictures were published.

    The DOD is now trying to pin the blame on anything else, other than the Generals amd Colonels who sanctioned this treatment.

    MI Senior NCO
  2. If this is true, then the Heirarchy must hang also!

    But me being cynical, lets wait and see shall we? :?
  3. Slightly bizarre viewpoint, but it makes you wonder how many other supposedly rationale people out there believe this:

    I love the fact that it's tagline is 'The Best Opinions and Advise in the Universe' :D

    A little taster:

    Does Piers Morgan run this site?
  4. Apologies - another deranged chap and his views:

  5. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Anybody who might care to discuss this 'interesting point of view' will find his website forum HERE.
  6. This is what happens when democracy and free speech are taken for granted. These arrseholes tainted views of the world come from the chips on thier shoulders massaged by the PC brigade of our "New Labour" idiots.

    It has been 60 years since our freedom of speech and democracy was under threat and people have this tainted view that everything in the world can be solved with dialogue and appeasement. Didn't work in 1939, can't see OBL sitting down for a tete a tete with the lefty brigade over cucumber sannies and tea. :roll:

    Still as long as they just rant on the web and don't get into government.
    Christ, they already are! :evil:
  7. Guess what, it is the US Congress that should hang along with its racist policies in giving ultra Chicken Hawk GW Bush the green light to attack Iraq in the first place.

    Ron Paul, US Representative from the ChickenHawk's home state Texas has had it right all along. I would suggest you all read his comments which are usually published first on the floor of the US House. Here is one of his latest that speaks to this current affair:
  8. This is what jyoti thinks when his racism and onesidedness is pointed out to him:

    posted by: Jyoti Mishra (12 May 2004)
    Sadly, Keyvan's had to shut the forum down for a bit cos of streams of incoherent pro-torture abuse posted by some racist troll. Ah well...

    Keep your heads up, peeps! There's a lot of weird people out there who only view certain people as human.

    What jyoti means is b*gger, I've had my anti US & UK garbage posted on my forum, I don't want to admit that the execution is terrible so I'll lock the forum so no one can post. Freedom of speech goes out the window. add a k to the url.

    jyoti also has his home site which is full of left wing anti West c*ap again add a k to the url

    The information I've posted is publicly available within a couple of clicks of the mouse.

    It probably is, and people can look for it for themselves Armourer.

    I was once a member of a Website, where a member was pinged for what was alleged to be Grave robbing.

    A comment was posted , that according to , only one person with that name in that town.

    The next thing that happened, was some bright young thing offered to burn his house down with him in it. There were rather a lot of calls in the same vein. His solicitors were called in, and the Website was CLOSED . Reason given was that posting the clue to his identity was "Incitement to commit a Criminal Act"

    Packard, if you're around , you know the board I'm talking about.

    Yes it was really reaching, but the ISP pulled the plug.

    So, no names, no pack drill please fellers.

    Not to mention some Brits . . .

  10. Generalquarters:

  11. Ensign Flag Parker is my creation, as are his quotes therefore I will take your proverb, the one you foolishly repeated, as a compliment.