US a/c in service with Iran

Thanks for responses - think I've got my answer. Prior to 1979,Iran was a developing market for British and American kit. As you say, a strange old world.
IMI Uzis as well
Israeli F35 over Shiite Beirut...
Although the threat level was such that it was flying with RCS enhancers attached!!!

...Over Shiite Tehran, Israeli F35s could expect some opposition from indigenously welded together Persian 12.7 and 23mm octuple flak...
I doubt if any self-respecting F-35 pilot will be at too much risk from those due to the altitude he'll be flying although even these guns remain a planning factor. What will be relevant to F-35s are Iran's extensive network of Hawk, SA-2, SA-5, SA-6, SA-15, SA-22, S300 and numerous other Western, Russian and Chinese SAMs and sensors.

Two of the USMC RH-53 helicopters (Bluebeard 2 & 8) that were left behind after Operation Eagle Claw, the failed hostage rescue in April 1980, are reputed to be still in service with the Iranian Navy.
The Iranian aerospace industry is quite self sufficient and innovative hence with their AH-1J modification albeit morph, the twin tailed F-5 , upgrades to their naval SH-3 and RH-53...., converting 747 into a tanker etc etc.

Read on PPrune somewhere when they’re talking about reverse engineered of the supposed capture of the RQ-170, and find out RAf crews that transited through the Shah days were impressed by how good the Iranian aerospace helped out with say a V Bomber that went tech.

Also Bristow Helicopters had the main military contract to train their RW crews. Some notable Bristow flying instructors were Vietnam ets who ended up as past Chairman of the Helicopter Association International (I’m a member btw).

Bristow had a heavy presence in Iran from the 50s onwards ..supporting oil offshore and seismic ops onshore with a varied fleet from Westland Whitlwind to Alouette III to Bell 204/205/212 eat al.

There was something in the tabloids re 1979 when there was a mass exodus of Bristow Helicopters and even then some former Bond ( I worked for an offshoot of Bond) .


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Yup....but notwithstanding, if the U.S Treasury catch you selling spares for an AH-1 Cobra or rotor-blades for CH-47's to the Iranians, watch your back. Both these ac types are in widespread global use.

My interpretation of 'Airworthy' is: can this gadgy still be used for it's original purpose?

Are Iranian Military Helicopters Still Useful?
The tail boom of that cobra looks unusual, is it an optical illusion, my eyesight is fading or they have modified it.


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Iranian version has baffles over engine flux...anti IR seeker mod. Wonder which MANPADS threat they see as most significant?
A lot of the differences are accounted for by the fact that Israel operated single engine AH-1Fs whereas Iran procured the twin engine AH-1J ‘Super-Cobra’, itself a variant of the Sea Cobra, some of which have now been locally upgraded.



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Bell offered the most up to date of these (AH-1W) during the British forces' Apache competition if I recall correct.

The fact that Iran is operating Vietnam-era attack helicopters in 2018 pretty much says it all.

Discounting the obvious Team America threat (Hell yeah) , the Iranians have also to consider their border with the former USSR. Not sure how long the AH1-J (no matter who was flying it) would stay in the air around one of these bloody things:



Still wouldn't want to be on the ground when they came in thobut.

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