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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bravo_Bravo, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. Hands up. Who was waiting for a double fed mortar?

    Theres alot that other forces can learn from that - like how not to do it.

  2. did anyone see a pin being pulled?
  3. No - obviously removed well before hand.

    Safety is for pussies don't you know HOOHA.
  4. I thought it was one of those 'Executive Team-Building' weekends.

    Was waiting for the paintballing to start and a ride round the woods in an Abbot.

  5. I does look that way. I hope they only set their mortar line that way in training - unless they are exept incoming when doing it for real.
  6. Pins pre-pulled
    Not scrubbing out
    Not bubbling-up

    any more?
  7. Its:

    pins pulled

    thingy majig dropped down drainpipe

    when it gets to t'other end it goes off (alternatively blows up)

    (extracted from American Training Manual)
  8. I know sweet FA about mortars (non-inf to boot) but was it just me, or did the baseplate bed in so much that another ten or so rounds and it would have been near vertical??? As well as being widely off the target, wouldn't the mortar have to be readjusted (or checked) every few rds???

    However there septics and what matters is rate of fire, ho ooah!
  9. The base plate does that and it is not a great problem until you are lying on the ground having to feed. Look at the RAF 2 or 3 clips down firing on Falklands I think and you can see how deep they are. With that rate of fire it would be difficult to check the bubbles between bombs as the bulbuls need to settle. The number one was acting as the number 2 and he was not look for a miss fire. Although it will not go bang (we hope) but you could loose your hand and other bits. The yanks also have larger crews. And why they are holding down the bipods is beyond me.

    I couldn’t believe that they were using plotters we stopped that in the 80s. The barrels are very close together that means the bombs will land close and reduce your beaten zone.

    There was a very good one of the Paras in Sangin but seems to have gone now.
  10. There's this 'un though.

    3 Reg

    Theres a slightly more professional yank one as well. So they're not all trying to blow themselves up!
  11. Look at the comments, how typical yank, you could call them walts...
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