US 10th Special Forces Group....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armourer, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Pic is of a 10th USSF group guy....

    FFS do you really need all that sh*t on your gat ?

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  2. Sight, laser pointer, visible light torch and IR torch. Talk about 'be prepared'. Are our rifles now not mcuh different in Iraq?
  3. Fcuk me ! Not only is there lots of bits on that Gat that appear to be left overs from an Airfix kit! But the guy is none other than Tommy Walsh from BBC Ground Force!

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  4. I think you're judging him very harshly Armourer.
  5. And is that a toaster there as well? Of course he could be both a posing dickhead and a super soldier. Not an unknown combination
  6. Very true.
  7. Note the 20rd magazine, cos he's loaded so much crap on it that he can't manage to carry a full 30 rounder...
  8. Spotted a 'mobile rank side' on the stock too! Wow, these guys think of everything!
  9. Does he look better now ? :wink:

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  10. He's not real. He's an android. You can even see his power cables around his right arm. That and no normal human being could use a hair product that lasted that long in a desert envirionment. Posing cùnt.
  11. I thought Pers sec was a priority ?. His silly Groucho Marx 'tache his a bit overdone - and a bit of a giveaway in itself.
  12. looks very plastic, and the weapon.
  13. the guns not real, no tin opener!
  14. yeah, he's a bit clean, a bit freshly ironed and the gat looks 'non-metallic'.