US 10th Special Forces Group....

Super Soldier or Posing ******** ?

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Sight, laser pointer, visible light torch and IR torch. Talk about 'be prepared'. Are our rifles now not mcuh different in Iraq?
And is that a toaster there as well? Of course he could be both a posing dickhead and a super soldier. Not an unknown combination
He's not real. He's an android. You can even see his power cables around his right arm. That and no normal human being could use a hair product that lasted that long in a desert envirionment. Posing cùnt.
Busted cable conduit on the house looks a bit western to be Iraq-is that foam cavity insulation? Surely the black maskers over his gob should be over his eyes or would that spoil the view of the Oakleys.

Real or Walt, he is a knob. The cable ties make him an electrician OJG. Hope he runs in the Tube!

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