Urrgh,why do all the newbies want to be electricians??

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Clerk_of_Jerks, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. I'm sure there will be some of the obvious answers from Knocker, Sparky etc, but why do all newbies want to be electricians??

    A bemused C_of_J :?
  2. Have you a shortfall?

    Are all the sparks getting out?
  3. Cos the brickies and chippies get bugger all quals, the Poms, well enough said, you could go armoured but you might as well join the cav and the Design trades are handbags.

    A non bemused CofJ :wink:
  4. As a Siggie Elec, I resemble that remark :roll:
  5. :?
    No quals for c&j, ???? when did that change . I got adv craft city & guilds as an A1 ,which is a damn sight better than the NVQ now in civ div. :roll:
  6. Right then, I'll show you!

    Damn it, where is my hand bag?
  7. Aspire to be a Combat Engineer ... any other trade/qualification will follow but will be secondary.

  8. dead in the water i am afraid. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  9. 1 - yes

    2 - yes (roll on next year)
  10. be fair it is one of the most useful trades whren you leave the army.

    most people turn their hand to a bit of block laying/ wood flooring/ etc............................ but not too many are happy playing with electrickery.

    same can be said of plumbing, so as not to post a totally biased reply.

    fair enough answer mate :?: :?: :?: :?:
  11. The A2 works towards an NVQ level 2, the A1 towards a level 3 NVQ, there lies the rub because NVQs are work based training, anything you do on the course cannot count towards the experience you need.
    Not bad considering we piloted NVQs to get them running and as soon as they took off the feckers moved the goalposts.... :x
  12. I did mean first! :(

    But have to agree with you on whats useful in civvy strasse .... sparks & plumbers have licences to print money! Like you say, people don't mind sawing timber and laying bricks ... but anything services related (water, gas & sparks) you don't fcuk around with!
  13. ALWAYS................... but for Cbt Engr should really read Hesco/MOE nowadays.
  14. Well what about the old recruitment line, Commando, Para, Diver, EOD - these are all trades for the green and keen sapper! If trade is not entirely for you.
  15. They are not trades but qualifications. I would say get a trade and then get quals ... you could be out on your ear anytime for a number of reasons (medical, discipline). Going to an employer and saying 'I'm commando/para trained' doesn't usually get much response. Diver and EOD are good quals to have in civvy street but only [usually] if you have managed to get to a senior level. Always have a trade to fall back on and if you can, and yes I know it's mind numbingly boring, get H&S construction quals ... another money printing scheme in civvy street!

    I was originally trained as a welder (I think I still hold the title of worst welder in the Corps ... ever), concentrated on Combat Engineering and then EOD. The latter has provided me with a reasonable income since getting out in 2000 ... and a considerable amount of time in hospital!!! 8)