Urm 76

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Knob_Chops, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. Do any of you know the NSN for a drum of bootlace co-ax, formaly known as URM 76?? Cant seem to find it anyware on scoc and im not amazingly popular withing my SQMS so i dont want to ask the useless C U Next Tuesday. Cheers Guys!!
  2. I'm not sure you can still get it through NSN... as cables now are pre-manufactured. I think you have to LP it.

    Failing that phone up your nearest RSignals Tech Workshops (there is one in Alders) or the nearest REME Tels workshop.
  3. Knob_Chops,

    MJDI does not have a record for URM76.

    However, I did find
    51RE 6145 99 6408450 Cable COAX - Cable Radio Frequency

    One of the part numbers is URM67. Unit Of Issue (DofQ) is RL. Basic price £688.212

    There are shitloads of records for Coax cable, this is the closest match I could find, no guarantee it is what you are after.

  4. There is one cable that has URM76 in its procurement reference. It is:

    Y3 6145 99 014 9542 Cable Radio Frequency DofQ = MR

    Other Info:

    Cable, RF, 1 Condr: Stranded Condtr; 7 Strands per sondtr: 0.3200mm Strand Dia: Primary Insulation Plastics, Low Loss Condtr Shield, Copper Braid

    Procurement Reference Includes:

    BS 2316 PT URM76

    Hope this helps.

  5. :worship: