[url]www.veteransprotest.com[/url] - A website about Veterans neglect

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by daredandwon, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. www.veteransprotest.com is a website where veterans can publish their issues about the shortfalls in the system.

    Have you a war pension issue ?
    Have you not been treated for a War pension injury.
    Have been neglected regarding treatment for PTSD.
    Have you had a bad deal from the veterans agency.

    Inshort www.veteranprotest.com is about getting noticed - The things that are taken for granted and ignored by the UK Government.

    So join www.veteransprotest.com and let the world know your issues.
  2. Why is when it comes to telling the World about the lack of help for Veterans - Veterans go quite ?
  3. Are you a war pensioner?
  4. From my point of view it's quite simple.

    Every time I looked for help from the so called charities out there back in the 90s I got plenty of interest but never any follow up. Therefore I had to work it all out myself and have become extremely cycnical about about so-called moved to improved our lot - it'll never happen for everyone.

    Personally I think it is a lot easier to get assistance now due to the internet than ever before.

    The government in power at whatever time will make a decision with a cut off point for financial reasons so those before that time get no benefit from the changes.
  5. Just had a look at the website mentioned. There is nothing explaining who is behind it so it'll never get my tick.

    Having done a Whois on it, I see the site is owned by someone in Liverpool.

    Who are the "We"? The anonymous "We" (We aim to bring to the notice of the public and the politicians the following) mentioned need to identify themselves
  6. Your are dead right , the RBL are the only people who helped me .I have joined the site and am useing my real name as I think we should, so that it is seen just who and how many real people are PTSD sufferes
  7. Same here..

    Forums are a bit dead:


    Site was actually registered on the 21st Jan this year.

    It's poorly built using old and or amateurish techniques. Looks like a commercial exercise but done by amateurs.

    "Must try harder"
  8. Which is run by the Veterans Agency who are useless, dont knock this new site yet as it might be a good thing
  9. It might be genuine, but should have contact details, credentials and not use Army logos?

    Trying not to be cynical but it's dissertation/project time and websites/forums make great projects. January was the start of the new semester. Proceed with caution.

    (Us) students do need first hand experience which is difficult to obtain because of the MoD rules, that are there for a reason. However direct appeals on here get Naafi treatment or worse.
  10. If you sign up they E mail all reqired info
  11. If you trust them, then fair enough. Why not put the details on the website?
  12. It should really have an about us and a contact us page. There is no way to contact them whatsoever. What if you haven't got access to the internet?

    What is the function of this website? All it appears to be is some "cut and paste" info and a few links.
  13. A spell check would have been a good start

    "Veterans in prison are not getting help with reebilitaion"

    "No matter how sever your injuries if one injury adds up to a 100% any other injuries are not paid any allowance."
  14. I just E.Mailed them to come on here and give us the gen