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TEMPLETON THORP launches IRAQ & IRAN realtime service - www.tt-iraq.com

TT-IRAQ (www.tt-iraq.com) is a free, online, 24/7 and multi-perspective service created by TEMPLETON THORP.

TT-IRAQ (www.tt-iraq.com) is a service that we hope will be popular with absolutely anyone in and connected with the Forces. It's benfits are numerous:
- Its information on Iraq is broken down by cities. This means that family & friends of troops in Iraq can follow events in the region where their loved ones are located.
- Its coverage also includes Iran, Afghanistan and the London 7/7 bombings.
- It's a 24/7 realtime and online service.
- Its information sources are multi-perspective - including sources from the US, the Middle East, Russia and China - giving a global view on events. This also means that we pick up stories quicker than anyone else.
- It's free.
- It's easy to use.

At a time of increasing media censorship and interference, we believe that individuals should be able to access as many sources of information as possible, so that they may be able to form their own opinions and views of global events.
TT-IRAQ attempts to reflect in a well balanced manner the views and reporting on Iraq of the international press, including those views expressed by news agencies in the Middle East, the Former Soviet Union and China.

TT-IRAQ not only covers Iraq, but also events in Iran and Afghanistan, and a number of other related topics such as the London 7/7 bombings.

TEMPLETON THORP, along with its sister company TT INFOTEK, is an independent organisation with no political affiliations. It does not necessarily support the views expressed by any of the news agencies or information providers featured on its TT-IRAQ service.

If you like the TT-IRAQ service, please recommend www.tt-iraq.com to friends, family and work colleagues to whom you feel the service will be of use and of interest.

Many thanks.

Kindest Regards.

Original posts edited , and now re-posted.

Bad Boss has given permission , however I'd like to point out from My understanding that permission has been granted to inform the Arrse membership of what may well be a valuable resource.


Further posts advertising For profit services aren't normally allowed unless explicit permission is given by the Bosses. At this time I am unaware if this is the case or not.

Best regards

Thanks PTP, Bad Boss.

Just thought it might be useful for you guys to have knowledge of, and access to, a free service which is already being used elsewhere.

Many thanks again for your efforts.

Best Regards.


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