Run by a friend of mine. The site is just taking off really and needs more members and more chatting so take a look.


Has sections for others like RNR, RMR, RAuxAF and the Womens Auxillary Balloon Corps (why not?)

Cheers, Rob
Who or what is BB? No its run by an Ex 4 Para bloke. It might be a bit buggered at the mo because the hoster's are poo. Wait a while :wink:

BB aka BlondBint, aka bunny boiler, aka someone who had her own littke web site for.... er... special people. ( she said they were sf... yea right!)

4 para huh!


Tried logging on and it dont work.
Oh right i get you now, no has nothing to do with "BB" or ARRSE infact no one from arrse posts there i dont think. There are no Special Forces Wanabe's or walters. Well, i can't get on either, as i said - will sort itself out in a while.

msr said:
But what does it offer that isn't already available on ARRSE?

Forums for reservists. You can chat without arrogant regulars telling you they are better, toddlers going on about how they are going to join the SAS.

Oh and what Carlos_Hathcock_II said. This BB person must be a bit of a twat, que?

Rob :D
Lads, the site owner is changing servers to somthing steady. I can still browse it but it seems to still have the PHP error

Sit tight, it should be happening over this wk'end


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