While I was in the 'Stan earlier this year my wife got involved with a project to make a small charity calendar for Help For Heroes. There has been a mix of people involved, including a number of service wives and a military nurse from Selly Oaks, as well as a number of civs who just wanted to pitch in.

The theme is the pin up girls of the 40s and 50s and (disappointingly for some) it is intended to be a calendar that is suitable for everyone from kids to pensioners.

The images have all been completed by a visual effects team who worked on the Bond and Harry Potter movies.

The calendar is now on sale on the website at www.pinupforheroes.co.uk

I know that these things have been done to death, but this is just another pocket of society trying to do something to help us and our wounded colleagues. The two guys that started this off are total civvies but felt moved to do something after some of the footage from the start of the summer. Every little helps.

If you are able to support this then please head to the website and order a calendar.

Many Thanks


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