Visited the country show at Tatton Park over the weekend; venison burgers very good and fake hare coursing entertaining.

In the course of having my pockets emptied by YM Jnr, I came across this chap selling Chinese lanterns, with a donation to Help for Heroes. I’m sure the chap is legitimate, but I did have a paranoid moment and the nagging doubt prevented me from making a purchase (I know…cheque will be sent direct in penance).

DVD Fireworks

I assume the vendor is registered with Help for Heroes, and they have received donations from the sales. I do hope so.

Yours Aye

I haven't looked through it for that Company, but they have a huge H4H Medal on their site, you can't use any marketing material connected with H4H such as Banners, Logos etc. without their express permission, they even write up a mini-contract for fundraisers/companies/authors etc. you can see on their Wall of Honour (now somewhat hidden away and only findable by searching for the term!) here:

Wall of Honour

That company shouldbe/maybe on the Wall...

Nice to see "Pull Up a Sandbag" on there still...b 8)

Thanks can't see DRD Fireworks on the wall. However it that does not mean they are dodgy, the vendor was flashing some form of ID card.

If they are legitimate good luck to them, if not its little use appealing to their conscience.

Hi this is Grant from DRD Fireworks, i saw your post so i thought id let you know that we are legitimate and we have signed a binding contract with Help for Heroes. I have noticed we are not on the wall as of yet but hopefully this will change soon. Thanks

H4H Shop

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