I have just received a mail shot from these guys, who purport to be two ex-infantry officers who have a website here:Forces Online

They appear to be setting up a discount site aimed at serving and ex-serving personnel. Has anyone come across ForcesOnline before, or had any dealings with them - I would appreciate any info.

I note that they don't have the facility for anyone to register from a BFPO address...

Apart from that, it isn't just for the forces, anyone can join. Most of the offers are the same as can be had from almost any affiliate scheme.
I know the guys who have set this up and they are ex Infantry. The site is in its early stages, but it will be developed over the next few months into a moneysaving site for the forces and ex forces. It is open to the ex forces community because the bigger the membership the better the deals.

I know the forces community can be a cynical bunch, but mayby this time someone is out there trying to do soldiers a favor without ripping them off with some kind of 'Discount card' that troops have to pay for up front. :D
I'm happy with my new 8mg broad band service from mad as a fish through forces on line costs me 10.99 per month and is slick as you like. these guys get my vote.
I went to the mortgage site thro forcesonline and was very impressed with their response - very quick and a good discount.

I also know the two guys who set up this site - top blokes through and through and they are certainly out to get the best deal for soldiers. Gets my vote and worth looking at the site.

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