Not sure what the Operator is getting at...

Does he want a written confession that the site belongs to ORG & I ?

Or is he trying to poke holes in our own persec?

Keep trying trigger :D
MDN, nothing personal

i just didn't get the hang of this thread quickly enough.
No worries, just trying for a bite :D
Apparently the photos on arrse.com the other week were "allegedly" the pig board. There were two photos of me on there. What are you trying to say? You oh so good looking fellas??????
That your a pig...................? :mrgreen:
I must be. If there are two photos of me on there - I must be goddamn ugly.
Why would I put a pic on the pig board, I'm bloody scrummy.

We always have room for one more minger if you have a pic, one of the chaps said you looked like a kicked in and blistered piss pot so you will fit among the other arse growlers :D
bavmarda said:
How can any woman resist his smooth patter?
Simple, they can't

with that in mind, take yer big veiny tits out of thier cling and send us a pic for the growler / pig board..

All the others have :D

We have one of Dale, editted by photoshop of course...where she is on the beach with a bikini, forcing Ice lollies up her hoop
i missed the pics :(

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