Discussion in 'Infantry' started by slippy, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. www.armyskiing.com is a brand new website that has been set up to collate skiing trips and skiing instructors in one place.

    It's completly free to use and by spreading the word I am hopeful that over time this will be a useful resource for anyone who has, or is planning to ski with the Army.

    Visit www.armyskiing.com and register your details today!
  2. Is the site for Inf only? If not try posting in the 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' Thread for a better response.
  3. Good to see 31 Signal Regiment announcing to the world when and where there ski exped is and where they're staying. Very security conscious!
  4. Pr1cks with sticks. I sh1t them, come to the dark side!!