Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by darbs, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Thanks slick, we will have a look.
  2. Now, I dont like to criticise good causes such as this.
    But why dot they send things that will be of use to the troops?

    Whats with the pampers nappies :? :D

    (bottom right of pic)
  3. This happened in GW1, a lot of schools and companies in the UK sent anonymous parcels addressed to "a soldier" , "a sailor" or "an airman". Some contained items that came in handy, some didn't. There were a lot left over and these got sent to NI, I know this as I got sent to NI 4 months after returning from the Gulf. Mind you, the crisps were past the sell by. There was letter in there from the school that sent it hoping that we were safe in the desert, felt guilty writing one back stating that the parcel had ended up in NI.
  4. I remember a news story where a mother publicised contacting A Soldier In The Gulf and lots of schools and colleges got involved. There was a thread ages ago detailing this, but when GW2 started (possibly penny-pinching, possibly for OpSec / PerSec reasons) the MoD stopped mail being delivered to anyone but directly addressed service personnel.
  5. maybe if serving troops could do a list then of things that would be useful, the everybody is a winner. although i suspect somthings might have to wait till thay get home!

  6. Porn
    Poker Chips & Cards

    sorted I think anything ive missed??
  7. More porn?
    soft bog roll
    more porn.
  8. Was out in Germany when GW1 started, any how BFBS gave tips on items to send which stated no porn or farming mags. Porn, I could understand, but farming mags. Apparently, there could be pictures of pigs( of the pork kind, not the two legged variety) and they didn't want to upset the ragheads.
  9. That is so british, couldnt happen anywhere else in the world.
  10. Who is "we"?
  11. Could that "we" be the same as "them"
  12. Er, it's not Her Majesty is it*? I heard a rumour she logs on here every now and again.

    *As in the Royal "We"
  13. oh for gods sake, "we" the ones that are trying to organise the damm thing, jesus give me strenth somtimes.

    thats it, every one is getting carbolic soap and 20 woodbine!