The website

Spunky is putting the first draft together


I like it (although I'll suggest another colour :D ) but have suggested a whole page for each objection and an in-depth rebuttal.

We have permission from Mrs Norton to use her letter, pictures etc and she's working on finding some better resolution pictures for posters/website.

As PTP may have had in mind, we are mocking up a picture of a CR2 trundling down Grays Lane to demonstrate you really can get a tank down it ........

I'll have another look when I get back later today (if the car doesn't let me down. It's not keen on rain ....)
It's coming along. A few suggestions:

1. I'd change the font to make it a bit easier to read, and make the style consistent.

2. The Home page headline should be in capitals - big ones.

3. The explanation of what it's all about should perhaps include a map showing where DMRC is, to give some perspective to the distances that families often have to travel.

4. A pic or two of patients in DMRC would be good - I'll try and source some.

5. How about a page including a few letters showing the breadth of support for this campaign/the SSAFA house, especially from: anyone well known, overseas, or from those currently in sandy places.

6. Consider including a PayPal link for donations.

7. Consider links to some of the press articles.

Apologies if this is egg-sucking stuff!

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