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Sorry if this has been done before and I know that "walt" threads are a little passé now but I was searching for a way to dispose of my dozens of SA80 mags acquired over the years, as you do, when I came across this:




The original Project X always had one objective in mind. This is to be ready if ever England was overrun by a foreign power. Very unlikely but not impossible. It has happened over and over again in history. It nearly happened again in the Second World War. The objective is to be ready. Not to the extent where you build concrete bunkers in the back garden but just to know where the equipment and personnel are if the unlikely event were ever to happen. Who has what and who knows what. People who have access to the nations weapons and people with the knowledge of how to use them are the type of people Project X might have on its register. It has a cellular structure with each individual not knowing who has been accepted.There is no membership as such only an understanding of the need for a setup like Project X. During WWII various foreign office personnel in London and out with the Embassies realized there was no plan "B". If England was invaded there would be the inevitable resistance movement forming to give the enemy a bad time. But it would be infinitely more effective if it were to have been put in place before hand. After the war with the effectiveness of the French resistance movement still fresh in peoples minds, there was a get together of heads whom shall remain nameless and a verbal agreement was reached and agreed without exception. The people involved all knew each other and knew the locations of all equipment and weapons as they were entitled to do so. The only problem was how would new people who came to office know what to do ? If they were the only one in a particular Embassy who knew what to do, how do they relay the knowledge on to others quickly in the event of action having to be taken ? This question kept cropping up and eventually, against the "nothing on paper" unofficial policy of the group it was decided to create a manual which would be distributed in bulk to anyone willing to resist against an enemy. It quickly became obvious that if this manual fell into the wrong hands its information would become a "Bible" to terrorists, robbers, international drug runners etc. It contained the knowledge to make anything out of anything to cause the most disruption and damage. The sources for the manual included the L.R.D.G., S.A.S. ( as it was later known ), electronics experts, arms companies, chemical research companies and govt. agencies, C.I.A. F.B.I. Explosives experts, MI5, MI6 and even inventors who had put in patents for their designs were contacted and given a situation to deal with. It was written, proof read, printed and escorted by those in the know and finally, in numbers of 100, were taken and stored by only the person in the know at the various outposts. By outposts I mean places where a country allied to us may have needed help. The manual had the words "PROJECT X" on the front. This was the plan. On receiving notification that a country was about to be overrun the person in the know would alert various people on his "list" to what was happening. Sometimes a code was given that would have been handed out at an arranged "garden party" in the past. He would then tell them what to do. An example might be a high up person at an explosives factory. He would be told to get as much explosives hidden as possible at a predetermined location. If the person in the know had done his homework he would be able to tell the person on the phone or radio how long he had and also give him the address of a good hiding place. On the enemy reaching the area everyone should be ready having familiarized themselves with their part of the manual and also know where to get their materials, weapons and ammunition to mount a successful resistance. This method meant that people could come into and out of jobs at Embassies and Government agencies without having to go through any training and the obvious dangers this would bring. i.e. someone taking away the knowledge to make a bomb or destroy an aircraft on the ground. So what now? Here we are in England with no threats. That is what was said after WWI. The Germans are getting stronger, are virtually the financial centre of Europe, are buying up British companies like wildfire and have just moved their Government back to where they were at the beginning of WWII. The Muslims hate us. We have bombed countries in Europe and the Middle East. The September 11th atrocities could be the start. All these things could lead to the eventual overrun of Europe. Our armies are only a fraction of what they used to be. Project X has the people in the know in place now. The manual is constantly updated and is still a closely guarded secret. Project X hopes no person will ever have to see it.

The Auxiliary units of WWII.

In the very early stages Montgomery put forward a plan which was passed by Churchill instantly. It was to build and equip a number of bunkers where food for 6 months , ammunition , weapons and explosives were to be held. During the war these bunkers were manned around the clock so that if there was an invasion by the Germans they could hide and being fully trained, would come out at night and cause resistance and chaos to the occupying force. Project X is the modern day version of this. The cellular nature of the Project X organization where one person tasked with a specific job could walk past someone tasked with almost the same job and not know him or her. This is our failsafe security system. On activation all information becomes available within hours via 2.2 Gb microdrives.

The Auxiliary units and their bunkers were the subject of a documentary just recently.


They also have a secret page detailing SA80 parts for sale which is the No. 1 hit on Google UK for "SA 80 parts". :roll:


So, are they the paramilatry wing of airsoft? Harmless duffers/kids playing at armies or a highly trained secret organisation, primed to take on the Russian/Chinese/French hoards? Should I fear for my life? Perhaps I've said too muc..... *gurgle* *choke*

The syntax of the description is slightly schoolboy like.

The documentary on the underground bunkers and aux units was shot by a certain bigeye, by the way.
Have they never heard of the paragraph?...

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