I earn that much....????? :D :D :D :D
Doing_all_right said:
You're financially better off in the Army than a civilian wage-earner, and that's down to two reasons. The first is the range of extra payments available to serving soldiers, ranging from operational bonuses to 'X-Factor' top-ups. That alone is currently worth an additional 13% on top of your basic wage.
Yes and civvies get paid these extra payments called overtime.
The X-factor top up seem to be included in our wage whenever they publish it. Now we find its actually additional.
Doing_all_right said:
Secondly, you're enjoying a mass of discounts – particularly the benefits of subsidised accommodation. Army living quarters are being upgraded all the time, yet you pay a fraction of the housing costs found in civilian life.
It also tends to be sub-standard. (and if you are single you get less rights than the rest of the population) Of course if we had to pay market rates they would have to pay us more or face everyone leaving.

Doesn't mention paying to travel to see your family or calling them from abroad, Mess bills, Regt/Sqn subs, buying your own kit, etc etc
It all seems just a bit too patronising

'You are well off and should thank the stars that we give you whatever it is now fcuk off and stop moaning'

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