Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Warlie, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone attended any of there lessons? Would you recommend them? Good or Bad experiences?

    I'm thinking about attending a class tonight just wanted abit of feedback..

    Posted the same thread on MFAT but got a couple responses.

    Ta Charlie
  2. One of the Instructors was a good mate in my last Unit, he was an excellent PTI and he has been on the britmilfit team since the start, if he is an example to go by then I know it will be well worth it. They seem to cater for all levels of fitness so why not at least try it and see if you like it.
  3. From what I've heard, they're very very good. I personally have never attended one of their lessons, however, a friend of a friend has, and she really seemed to enjoy herself.

    You might as well attend, what's the worst that can happen? I think it's a tenner a week?
  4. £32 a month for 3 classes a week and you get the first class free like a taster.. so i might aswell go along
  5. I saw britMILFit and got quite excited.................
  6. its very very good, if you are used to military beastings you will have a good idea of whats its like, however be prepared to work your arrse off.

    My advise is go blue irrespective of how fit your are/think you are like all circuit training its down to what you put into it. After a few sessions you can move up if you want
  7. Well my fitness is pretty rubbish really so best to start at the bottom :p
  8. Warlie

    If you want to use the site for marketing, have the decency to become a sponsor :D

  9. Attended these for a while when i was at college... so this was about 5-6 years ago. They were good. Basically it operates at 3 levels. you stick a bib on and that is your group... we had red (easy), yellow(medium), green(hard). You all do pretty much the same exercises but the for example in the warm up they get you to run to a tree and back the green guys go to a tree further away. If you do press ups red guys do a set of 10 green guys do a set of 20 etc etc.

    They had regular "tests", monthly if i recall correctly. Usual military type stuff... 1.5 mile, press ups, sit ups, bleep test and the results are recorded. At certain levels you can go from red to yellow and yellow to green. Even if you dont go up a level you get to see how you are improving... i.e 4 weeks ago i did 35 press ups in 2 minutes this time i did 42 and so on.

    its worth a go. Same price as the average gym membership and it will be harder work, and you cant slack off and chat about eastenders like in the gym!
  10. Get along its well run, good motivation and a lot of fun! Also better value than a gym and good socially if thats your bag [as someone in the 50+ age range your training with loads of charming young girls which is quite jolly hem hem ][and your never as unfit as you might think....]
  11. Could always join a running club (Cheaper - mines 50p a session, £10 to join) and do some press ups, sit ups and burpees in your own time.
  12. Or even cheaper, find a running route (www.mapmyrun.com)

    Do press ups / sit ups / squats / burpees / etc. at home

    And pay fcuk all
  13. Right

    Attended last night. Thought that it should be a good workout. Also put down that I was fit, given that I have just completed the Great North Run.

    Oh dear Lord!!! It was the toughest phys I have done in ages. Circuits to the point where I was exerting myself so much I feared a rectal prolapse. Decent instructors who had to keep stopping short of using the "If you start p1ss1ng me about ...." line. Good humoured, nice place, plenty of fit young available looking girlies.

    I would recommend it, yeah.
  14. The training is actually pretty hard whatever level you are at, as they are designed to really make you work hard. It's basically military PT watered-down for civvies, although the green (fit) level participants are given a pretty sound thrashing for an hour, very similar to a normal army PT training session.
    A lot of the TA lads use it to keep themselves in shape inbetween their training weekends, including some of the 4 Para lads building up to P Coy. There are also a lot of lads who are joining the regs doing it before basic training starts as well. London seems to have a large number of chicks (decent-looking lasses as well) so plenty of eye candy there.
  15. me too......gutted