Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Aug 16, 2004.

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  1. What was the name of the book Frank Kitson wrote on 'small' wars ?
  2. Anyone know if there's an updated site address, or where it has relocated to?

    I spent many hours reading the fascinating topics.

    It says "britains-smallwars.com expired on 07/02/2011 and is pending renewal or deletion..."

    Thanks in advance.
  3. In some of the messages the bloke posted, he requested people don't steal the content because of it's authenticity.

    I guess he got fed up with putting in an incredible amount of work for the good and benefit of genuine readers then after all his hard work some thieving git would use it in their article or book.
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  4. Quoting from the same Britain's small wars website;

    Recently our attention has been drawn to a series of new books, articles and radio and television documentaries on the subjects covered by Britain's Small Wars. Their contents, in many cases, draw extensively on material published on this web site and used without acknowledgment or permission of the copyright holders.

    When this site was created and developed, its aim, which remains, was to record those conflicts since 1945 in which British service personnel have been called upon to do their duty, reported as far as possible through the eye-witness accounts of those involved, and to create Honour Rolls, where none existed before, of those who gave their lives in service to their country. As a result this web site has become a valuable historical resource due to the voluntary efforts of our contributors, free from the profit-making needs of media publishers.

    By using Britain's Small Wars copyright material without permission, some authors and publishers are not only taking credit falsely for their work, they are dishonoring British forces and their achievements. While we do not have the resources to 'police' the use of our material nor pursue costly litigation, we usually give permission freely to those who approach us to quote passages from our pages for their use. In fact, they honor us by doing so. All we request is that they acknowledge the fact in their published work.​

    ...which is a fair comment I guess.

    I'd be happy to chip in or make a contribution everytime I went to the site to study it. That would then add value to the content and maybe people would respect it before stealing it.

    Probably one of the best true-to-life resources of what it must have been like for my Uncles and predecessors in their military service.
  5. Good one. Thanks Tiny.
  6. Over 12 years ago I put a few inquiries on BSW looking for survivors of Operation CRE Crown(Northeast thailand 1964 to postcrown 1968) with a view to starting an Association, the response was good, unbeknown to myself about 2006-7 agroup of sappers were using my information and information and contacts from the 59sqn website which also covered operation crown quite comprehensively, to start their own website and association,over the years things escalated, and all reasoning went out of the window , suggestions ,advice or critisism was not accepted by the 4 plagiarists , in fact we were exluded from joining the association and using the Op crown website, this is just one example of the misuse of BSW that has affected me personally
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  7. I wonder if Tropper is an consultant to the site?
  8. I must concur Swamp Rat. BSW is/was also a great place to check the details of one's own memory are correct. Ageing is a real shit!

    I'd be happy to throw in a few quidlets to keep it up and running.
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  9. Mate, what with the ambient heat and blowing glass most of the day, that went right over my head heh heh

    So if the original author(s) were up for it, it would be pretty damn nice if it became an appendage/hemerroid to the ARRSE website wouldn't it. If it was me I'd put it in the Wiki...

    Then at least there might be some sort of recognition for all their work put in so far, in the very least their would be better copyright protection for the content.

    From one of the author's notes I read, it sounded like they were an RE/Topo bloke anyway?

    and Nignoy I'm sorry to hear about that but the falconry sounds bloody fascinating.
  10. Good news: It's back online.
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  11. BSW site seems to have died again. Anyone know who admins it to give them a nudge?
  12. Britains Smallwars was one of the best forums for facts figures and identifying bullshit artists, but sadly lots of us who contributed facts and in some cases excerpts out of books we were writing, only to have them misused by other wannabees, THe Operation Crown Association was one of the biggest offenders as far as my work was concerned, they used the 59 sqn opcrown database and mine ,as there own, when we questioned them about it they banned us from the assoc, but hey thems the breaks but when books and photos started appearing in public , small wars decided enuf is enuf, lest we forget