Discussion in 'Aviation' started by jinxy, May 25, 2006.

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  1. Anyone now what is going on and why the chat room and board are stuffed??
  2. Think it's been hacked.
  3. Thanks Gunny,that would have been my guess.

    Anyone in a possition to beat the living shit out of the web master? Only he does deserve it.
  4. Hopefully (yeah, right), the site should have been backed up, so little or no loss of data. The Soest and Minden threads are a joy to read.
  5. Given the recent influx of delightful ladies here on ARRSE you think posting the addy of the puff boys site's wise? Just a wee thought mind you.....

    Beebs x

    PS this bone comment will self destruct in 5 minutes............GO
  6. The AACA website is not a c0ck trawling site. Besides, I thought Babyblue has finally snapped up a squaddie?
  7. Spoke to web designer today, his contract ran out last year but is going to contact relevant person at MW.
  8. Oh given the magnetic personality, wit, charm and general good looks of the average puff boy I'm sure there're many a fair maiden (SP miden?) who would hot tail it on over there and scale the walls to catch a glimpse of the fodder within..... :D

    Jesus I can actually taste the reflux from giggling! :wink:

    Babyblue snapped up a squaddie? Not seen! Bugger been in a sleep deprived trance! :(

    Beebs x
  9. The aaca site does not tollerate the sort of cock hungry, bedsit dwelling, syphills addled, crack whores that frequent this website.

    Best you keep away Dale, you'll be spotted a mile off.
  10. I might regret this but, how do they deal with them? :?

  11. Like most other websites do. They delete them straight off.
  12. What an exceptionally brilliant plan of action!!!!! Fantastic!!!! How do we get one of those!!!!

    Beebs :evil:
  13. Bloody hell Mut. Is the site that low a priority?..............

    If the powers that be have no interest can we find out? I'm fairly sure I could find a well maintaned place to host the board if nesessary, for a short time at least.
  14. Maybe a good opportunity for the likes of Chann to take over and run the website? Anyone have his contact details?
  15. Latest update: Its being worked on at present and hopefully normal service will resume soon. Then all those lovely ladies can swing by for a chat.