Urine take?

I've given my GP my RG8 forms and he has sent off for the payment.This was 2 weeks ago now and I keep phoning but they just speak shite!
Has ANYONE got any ideas on how long the payment takes to arrive,what rights I have etc?!
JoshMillss said:
what rights I have etc?!
An all too familiar chant.
after i gave my med forms back to my doc, it took just over 2 weeks maybe 3.

all i did was ring them and they told me the date for me interview.

but with the medical forms it ALWAYS seems takes too damn long, and usualy it does
WTF are you on about ???????

The payment has got nothing to do with your RG8 as its a seperate issue and the bill is sent off to Bath (still I understand) at the same time the RG8 is sent back to the ACIO.

The Recruiter at the ACIO just checks who the applicant is from the outer envelope and forwards it onto the ADSC med wing (Recruiters clicks it over on the system as dispatched). Its then up to the Med wing sister/SMO to go through the 100's of RG8's and either put as medical suitable / Rejected or Further information. With post delays and if you have any ??????? on the forms it can be time consuming but is the best system to find out any issues before you attend ADSC and have your full medical.

Ive seen some done in a week and others that take up to 6 months, just use this time as best as possible with your fitness as once your medical suitable to continue through the process the ammount of people who were unfit to get past the interview stages was huge.
ill clear this up for you in regards to "what rights you have" ...

i'm going to use my special mastermind powers to say that you are brittish, joining the brittish army, and you live in a country that no longer feels like a democracy.

which means that you are not an ethnic minority, you are not polish, and you are not an islamic extremist from east london.

which brings me to the conclusion that you have no rights whatsoever.


the one, the only, pile
Start ringing them everyday and dropping in how important it is that you get the forms back promptly (I lied and said that I couldn't start work untill I had them). The staff will crack eventually and push it to the top of the priority list.
The NHS are slow so make stuff up and do whatever you can to get the forms quicker!
The money is just so you don't get charged for the doctors precious times. Maybe they're looking into something on there a bit more, or they're busy, or your AFCO sent them off a little later than you expected.

Also there's the fact that Royal Mail is w@nk. Otherwise calm yourself down and stop thinking about it every 25 minutes.
Dont worry about your med fourms, just get them to give you a call when there in. All this means is you have more time to pepare. So stop moaning and get out on the streets and start running.

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